Garrick Merrifield’s Brazil Wedding All A Fake Storyline?

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Is Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield’s Brazil wedding all a fake storyline? Fans are questioning if he is really out of the country or if the show is just pretending he is far away. So, what is making them feel that way? Keep reading for more details on what viewers have to say.

Garrick Merrifield’s Brazil Wedding All A Fake Storyline?

Despite Dannielle Merrifield feeling disconnected from her future sister wife, Nathalia, the train is still moving. Her husband, Garrick Merrifield headed to Brazil for what was supposed to be a month so he and Nathalia could tie the knot. As Seeking Sister Wife viewers saw, as he was packing to leave, Dannielle was trying to share her disconnection with Nathalia. She seemed more interested in Garrick than Dannielle but he was completely disinterested in his wife’s concerns. Regardless, he still left for Brazil but while he was away, Dannielle learned she was pregnant.

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She FaceTimed him to let him know the news but, by then, he had been gone for around six weeks. Viewers found it odd that there was no footage of him in Brazil and that Nathalia was conveniently not around when Dannielle called. Therefore, they started a Reddit thread with the belief his trip is all a storyline:

  • They’ve recorded everything up until now, no idea why they would just leave out the most exciting part of the season so far. I feel like it’s just a storyline, Icks just in the garage talking to God while Dannielles filming.

It was also noted that Dannielle had self-filmed her chat with Garrick about her concerns regarding Nathalia. So, why couldn’t Garrick self-record his time in Brazil if production was not there? Did anyone else agree this could all be fake?


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  • I really don’t think so. I think he simply was more into Nathalia and just didn’t care about the show or his real family.
  • They may have largely stopped filming with Garrick and Dannielle because they were on the outs, but came back around when Dannielle announced 🤰
  • Agree ick is in the garage!!!

Fake Reality

Some Redditors pointed out that these reality shows really are not that real. Therefore, if it was staged for a story, how is that a surprise? Others felt that maybe Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield did not tell TLC that he was going so he could enjoy being with Nathalia. Another noted that TLC probably did ask Garrick to film his journey but speculated he was dumped very early on. Finally, a few followers suggested that TLC stopped filming the Merrifields when they split. However, when Dannielle realized she was pregnant, they knew they had a story that essentially brought them back to life.

Dannielle was supposed to go to Brazil and, at the last minute bowed out so there could be some validity to this. Do you think it is a staged storyline or is Garrick really in Brazil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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