‘Price Is Right’ Fans Drool Over Sexy Prize Reveal

Drew Carey - Price Is Right

Recently, The Price Is Right show gave fans a little surprise that has the audience and fans gushing. After a sexy prize reveal, viewers were quick to discuss their lust.

The Price Is Right Is Full Of Characters

Undeniably, The Price Is Right is full of characters! After Drew Carey took on the gig following the infamous Bob Barker, he brought his comedic take on the long-running TV show. But filling a legend’s shoes can be a bit bumpy at times. Undoubtedly, Drew has faced some backlash over some of his humor. However, he seems to be taking the criticism in stride and welcoming all the other characters who visit the show. For instance, no one can prepare you for how contestants and the audience are going to react. Not long ago, a contestant collapsed on stage after seeing the prize reveal and now fans were drooling over a sexy interaction.

Drew Carey and contestant John - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

Courtney Dances With Joy

On a recent episode of The Price Is Right, fans were left wanting more after a glimpse of a sexy prize reveal. While the show can be full of surprises, it was a pleasant unveil. When a contestant named Courtney had the chance to win a two-week Antarctic Cruise, the anticipation was tense. Standing before an oversized safe, Courtney was faced with guessing the combination. After assessing the price to unlock the safe, Courtney guesses correctly. In response, a female model unveils the contents of the safe. As the doors slid open, much to everyone’s surprise a male model, Devin Goda, was in the safe. He wore a gray suit with a black shirt beneath. As Courtney won her game she claimed a winning the trip as well.

Courtney makes a great guess on The Price Is Right - Instagram
Courtney makes a great guess on The Price Is Right – Instagram

Then, she steps inside the safe with Devin and celebrates by jumping around. In her celebratory dance, she whispers something to Devin. Although the sound wasn’t clear over Drew Carey wrapping up the show, Devin could be seen laughing at the comment. But the hunky model showcasing the prize had fans chattering even after the show.

Courtney unlocks the prize safe to find a hunky model behind the door. -The Price Is Right - Instagram
Courtney unlocks the prize safe to find a hunky model behind the door. –The Price Is Right – Instagram

The Price Is Right Fans Drool Over Sexy Prize Reveal

Although it wasn’t revealed on The Price Is Right what Courtney told Devin, several fans caught the interaction and took to Instagram to discuss it. Undoubtedly, the unveiling of Courtney’s prize has fans drooling over the sexy surprise. However, they weren’t just talking about the gorgeous Antarctic trip, they were referring to the handsome model behind the safe’s doors.

  • “I thought she won a handsome man at first,” one viewer jokes.
  • “Shoot! I want that man to go with me on that cruise, too,” someone else agrees.
  • Additionally, one fan says, “I want to know what she said to Devin because he was cracking up.”
  • Furthermore, one person wants the “value-added package.” They say, “Does the model come with it?”
Fans drool over Devin Goda hoping he is part of the prize. -Instagram
Fans drool over Devin Goda hoping he is part of the prize. -Instagram

Devin Goda is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and joined The Price Is Right stage after a football injury in 2018. He grew up on his grandparents’ farm. Furthermore, he isn’t just good-looking, he has the brains to back it up. He studied Safety and Environmental Management at Slippery Rock University while also playing football in college. Once he suffered a hamstring injury, he took on a modeling career landing him campaigns with American Eagle, Macy’s, and Kohl’s, among others. But fans are happy to see more of his smiling face on stage.

What do you think about the sexy prize reveal? Do you think Courtney’s secret was she wanted Devin to join her on the trip? Do you enjoy Drew Carey‘s hosting of The Price Is Right? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Price is Right manages to select great contestants, save a few! I love the personalization and reactions of the cast as they greet winners on stage!
    Love Drew!

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