‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Collapses During Prize Reveal

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

The Price is Right contestants are often entertaining in their reactions to events and prizes. That happened again this week when a person collapsed on the stage after they saw their prize reveal. Drew Carey just looked on in humor as it happened, and luckily, no one was hurt.

Here is a look at what happened and how this competitor finished the game.

Price Is Right Contestant Collapses On Stage

The Price is Right often sees contestants who are more entertaining than even the show. Many contestants make strange moves that leave viewers confused. Both of those things happened with a recent competitor. This competitor came up to see what prize they had a chance to win and then fell over on the stage.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

On this Tuesday’s episode of The Price is Right,  a contestant named Amylah was on the show and was very excited about making it to the main stage. She made it there when she bid on the prize for a reclining chair. Her guess was $1,200 and the chair was $1,400, putting her closest without going over.

After she called Drew Carey “Uncle Drew,” the host asked what prize she was going for. When the announcer revealed it was for “a brand new car,” Amylah fell to the ground on the stage. She was then shown rolling around on the floor of the stage as Drew looked on.

Amylah wasn’t hurt but was just overreacting to the price announcement. She got up, buckled her knees, and said “Ohh!” several times. Sadly, she didn’t win the car as she guessed the wrong number the first time and then guessed the weong number again when given a second chance.

She did win the reclining chair and got to spin the wheel.

This Was Twice Someone Missed Out On A Car On The Price Is Right

Amylah wasn’t the first person in the last week to miss out on a brand-new car on The Price is Right. However, the previous contestant chose not to win it. A man was playing the game earlier in the week when he had a chance to win a car in a spelling game.

The man did great and was able to guess right on four items and choose cards. Each card had a dollar value and each could have a letter on the back. If the letters spelled “CAR,” the man would win the car. However, he had to decide if he wanted to accept the money on the cards and give up seeing if it spelled car.

He chose to accept the $4,000 and not risk it on the car. While he won $4,000 thanks to this choice, Drew turned over the first three cards and they read “CAR.”

What are your thoughts on the contestant collapsing on The Price is Right? Did you find it amusing or was it too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Very much an overreaction…..but then a lot of people overreact on the show. Sometimes I think people just want their one minute of what they think is fame.

  2. Screw someone’s over-reaction, which seems more common these days, in a world where everyone wants to go viral. How about the atrocious, child-like writing of the article? Dribble.

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