‘Price Is Right’ Fans Blast ‘Dumb’ Move That Cost Contestant Big

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

A recent episode of The Price is Right saw a contestant make an interesting decision. He had a chance to win a car, but he chose not to and many viewers lashed out at him, calling it “crazy and dumb.” However, there might be a good reason why he made the right choice.

Here is what the man did and what fans thought about his decision.

Price Is Right Contestant Passes On Winning A New Car

A man was on The Price is Right and he was playing a game where he had to guess the cost of objects and come within $10 of getting it right. Each time he got one right, he could choose a number from the board and it would be worth a specific amount of money. He got four of the five guesses right.

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right

On the back of the cards, there was a possibility of letters. Each of the four cards he chose (11, 7, 30, and 1) was worth $1,000 each. After this, he had a choice. He could take the money or he could risk it all to see if there was a “C,” “A,” and “R” behind the four. He looked into the audience and asked then he and his wife made the decision.

“I’ll take the money and run,” the man said. Drew asked if he was sure, and he said he was. As a result, he won $4,000. Drew then turned over the first three of the four cards and they spelled “CAR.” If he had played on, he would have won the car.

The contestant didn’t seem bothered that he didn’t win the car though. He could have left with nothing. If he had won the car, laws state that he would have had to come up with money to pay the taxes on it before he was allowed to leave with it (which is usually done by taking out a loan).

The man doesn’t have to worry about that. He will pay the taxes on the $4,000 and leave The Price is Right with cash. However, fans thought he made the wrong decision and should have gambled it all for the car.

Fans Blast Craig For Passing On The Car

When The Price is Right posted the video on its Instagram page, the game show asked what the fans at home would have done. So many people thought that Craig made a mistake.

Here is an example of the commenters’ thoughts on this Price is Right decision.

  • “Always go for it. Shocking he had C A R but I would have gone for the car.”
  • “Im a gambler all or nothing but I respect Craig choice”
  • “He should go with the car oh my gosh I will go for it if I were you.”
  • “This guy obviously needed money more than a car. It happens. A car isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.”

It seems like a lot of people would have gone for the car and been happy if they went home with nothing. Craig took the money and left a winner.

What would you have done on The Price is Right if you were in Craig’s shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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