‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Shares How She’s Improving Lives

Jen Arnold - Instagram

Former The Little Couple star, Jen Arnold dedicated her life to improving lives, and now she’s doing that again. However, it’s not with babies in her neonatal simulations department at the John Hopkins Children’s Hospital. Read on to find out what she’s been up to recently.

Dr. Jen Arnold Is Highly Respected In The Medical Field

Being small doesn’t make people with dwarfism unable to do high-powered jobs. Actually, that realization is largely due to shows like The Little Couple, and Little People, Big World on TLC. Many years ago, it was unfortunate that so many of them could only find employment in circuses or curiosity travel shows. Nonetheless, there are still people out there who seem ignorant about little people.

Jen Arnold - The Little Couple - YouTube
Jen Arnold – The Little Couple – YouTube

Jen Arnold’s fans know that she is a wonderful example of a highly intelligent and well-regarded professional. In her field of medicine, she did so well, that her alma mater invited her back to the University of Miami where she started out her career. This time last year, she felt so honored by being appointed the commencement speaker.

The Little Couple Star Improves Lives

Apart from working at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, the former TLC star also works at Harvard University. Teaching medical professionals to work safely is one of her specialist interests. That way, she improves the lives of doctors and patients. This week, she took to her Instagram profile page and explained what else she’s been up to.

Jen Arnold MD - Instagram
Jen Arnold MD – Instagram

Jen Arnold shared a photo of herself with a mug in her hand as she worked at her laptop. In her caption, she said:

I know it’s late for a cup of coffee, but when rewarding work calls, you go for it. So wonderful to be reviewing grants for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities #disability #healthcare #inclusion #equity #rewarding #advocacy

The Little Couple fans sounded happy about the work that kept the TLC star working late. Here are some of their comments:

  • That is great. Congratulations.
  • So glad you are on the other side of this!
  • That is just amazing Jen! So glad you continue to advocate for those with disabilities! You are such an inspiration to us all! ❤️❤️
  • Hi Jenny you are such a huge inspiration. There is this group for empowering women [and] making them feel loved and powerful.
  • Jen, you have devoted your life to making a difference for others and helping them be healthy and successful. You are a great mom and I wish you and your family so much happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bill Klein Also Commented

In the comments of The Little Couple alum’s post, her husband Bill Klein told her that she looked “cute.” It was a reminder to TLC fans that she not only works hard but also raises her two young teens, Zoey and Will. Plus, she seems to be a wonderful life partner to her husband.

What are your thoughts about Jen Arnold helping to improve people’s lives by reviewing grants for individuals with disabilities? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about The Little Couple family.

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