‘Family Feud’ Contestant Shocks Steve Harvey With Brutal Joke

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Steve Harvey from Family Feud heard a lot of comments from his contestants on the game show. But, one of them made a brutal joke that shocked him initially. Now that the recorded footage is getting views on TikTok, fans agree that it’s a good joke. However, he might have waited his whole life to get an opportunity to tell it. Read on to find out more.

Steve Harvey Schools Unmarried Contestant

Steve’s not only great at comedy, but he also seems like a good person to school people to mend their ways. In early June, he stepped in when a contestant said the wrong thing about a wife. In the money round, he asked what he’d rate his wife at between one and 10, the contestant replied saying, “One.” So, the game show host explained that 10 is always the correct answer. And, he wasn’t surprised the guy wasn’t actually married.

Family Feud Host Steve Harvey [Family Feud | YouTube]
Steve Harvey On Family Feud – YouTube
There was once a woman on the game show who seemed so brutal that Steve Harvey had to school her about pets. She ended up losing the money round. He asked her to “Name an annoying creature that you wish would hurry up and become extinct.” Unfortunately, she replied to the Family Feud Host, saying that for her, it would be “Dogs.” Horrified, he wouldn’t even accept her revising that to a “neighbor’s dog.” Nope, he was not laughing that day.

A Brutal But Funny Joke Shocks Then Brings Laughter

On TikTok, many people enjoy a laugh because contestant, Robbie Weatherspoon made a brutal but hilarious joke about his wife. He loved his time on the game show so much, he shared it for others to watch. When asked what he does for work, Robbie explained that he’s now “retired.” But, he enjoys a game of “golf.” Then he threw out the fact that he’d just celebrated “49 years” of marriage. Steve Harvey seemed happy to hear it and congratulated him.

Next, Robbie told the Family Feud audience his joke:

You got to treat her with respect, take her on great trips. For our 25th, I took her to China, and next year I’m going to go pick her up!

Family Feud, Robbie, Steve Harvey, Robbie's wife - Robbie Weatherspoon TikTok
Family Feud, Robbie, Steve Harvey, Robbie’s wife – Robbie Weatherspoon TikTok

Stunned for a second, Steve Harveyy looked at him in shock. But, he couldn’t hold the laughter and he and the audience just cracked up. Even his wife who was watching had a good laugh.

On TikTok, plenty of comments rolled in. Here is a small sample of them:

  • He waited his whole life to tell that joke. 😂😂
  • Harvey took a while to get the joke.
  • No I think he was just trying to do his “keep a straight face” bit but couldn’t hold it.
  • GOOD ANSWER!!!🤣🤣🤣
  • I saw someone posted that this wasn’t a dad joke, it’s THE dad joke😂🤣🤣😂

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What did you think of the brutal but funny joke? Do you agree that Steve Harvey just couldn’t keep his laughter inside? Had Robbie been waiting his whole life to tell that joke? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Family Feud news.

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