‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Shares Important Medical News

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The Little Couple fans see that Jen Arnold seems like a sweet mom to Zoey and Will Klein, so sometimes, they forget that she is a very respected doctor, and this week she shared some medical news. It’s interesting because what she shared might not be known by everyone.

Dr. Jen Arnold Talks About Empathy

TLC fans followed along via TV when the doctor struggled against cancer. Probably, she’s a really good doctor who can understand her patients better because she was so ill. She’s also a little person, and that means she struggles to fit in a world where most infrastructure is designed for and by average-sized people.

The Little Couple Dr Jen Arnold
The Little Couple Dr. Jen Arnold – YouTube

Since they moved to Boston, Jen Arnold juggled her time between the John Hopkins Children’s Hospital and Harvard. Of course, she has her family to think about as well, and she makes sure to balance her life in that respect. Just a few days ago, she took the kids to Cape Cod for an outing. But now, she’s in Chicago and she dished some medical news.

The Little Couple Mom Reveals Medical News

On Friday, the former TLC star took to her Instagram profile page and shared the news that she arrived in Chicago for a medical conference. Actually, what she had to say was quite interesting. The Little Couple fans heard that some research emerged that made some doctors feel more “empathy” with their patients than others. If you don’t know, empathy is when you can see things from another person’s point of view.

Dr Jen Arnold Shouts Out Doctors With Disabilities - Instagram stories
Dr. Jen Arnold Shouts Out Doctors With Disabilities – Instagram

Sympathy means that you can feel sorry for someone because they are suffering. As a doctor, Jen Arnold probably feels sympathy for many of her patients. But, empathy is probably more useful as a tool for the medical profession. In her reel, the tLC alum said:

It turns out that physicians with disabilities have been shown to have greater empathy for their patients. And, when physicians have greater empathy, it improves patient satisfaction [and] patient outcomes. I’m excited to share that I’m here in Chicago for [a] first ever… summit hosted by [doctors] with disabilities.

She talked about how “exciting” it is to work with “healers” and “educators” along with “doctors with disabilities,” to try and improve “all of health care.” 

In the comments, TLC fans liked the idea of the summit. Here are a few of their comments:

  • Love that you are using your disability to help advocate for more inclusion for others in the healthcare field. You truly are an inspiration to me and so many others! ❤️❤️
  • I think that this is wonderful. Sadly, it would be great [if] all Clinicians would have empathy towards their Patients no matter what.
  • How can we take this empathy across to all healthcare workers? I understand empathy can’t really be taught but as a healthcare provider myself I would love for all healthcare personnel to learn and exhibit empathy more.
  • I will say I’m a provider. One of the most caring providers I ever had caring for me was in a wheel chair working in urgent care.

What are your thoughts about Jen Arnold going to a conference so doctors can try and become more empathetic with their patients? Did you know there were enough doctors with disabilities to help research their ability to empathize with their patients? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your The Little Couple news.

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