‘LPBW’ Fans Slam Audrey Roloff For Dangerous Move With Baby

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Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff gets a lot of allegations that she does the wrong thing and places her children in danger. This weekend, she got slammed by many for placing her newborn baby Mirabella in a dangerous situation. However, in the comments, TLC fans disagreed with each other.

TLC Alum Audrey Roloff Sometimes Horrifies Fans

Little People, Big World fans genuinely become alarmed when they see things like little kids holding sparklers. And yes, they spotted little Radley doing that last year. Sometimes, there are legitimate complaints. But other times, fans will actually argue in Audrey’s favor.

Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy Feature
Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy take heat from TLC fans  – Instagram

Audrey Roloff got TLC fans concerned so many times, that there are plenty of stories to choose from. Notably, it’s not always about the kids. Just one example from this year came when they transported their cats by car without caging them. One of them jumped out of the vehicle at a grocery store. Now, with the arrival of Mirabella, there’s another child to worry about as well.

Little People, Big World Fans Disagree Over Danger To Mirabella

This weekend, a TLC fan who follows Audrey Roloff on Instagram grabbed a screenshot of baby Mirabella sleeping in a lounger on the deck. It’s a nice area with Ember’s toy ride-on pony, shade, and a view of the mountains. The baby lay in the shade and seemed to be sound asleep. The Little People, Big World alum had captioned it with, “This girl loves living outside.”

Audrey Roloff's Baby Girl - Instagram Stories
Audrey Roloff’s Baby Girl – Instagram Stories via Reddit

Irritated with Audrey Roloff, the  TLC fan said on Reddit:

She’s not even 2 weeks old. How do you know SHE loves being outside?

Some TLC fans argued that babies seem happier outside. Meanwhile, others discussed dangerous sleeping positions and bassinets with pillows surrounding the baby. Here are some of their opinions:

  • My baby automatically stoped (sic) crying anytime I brought him outside and he loved outdoor naps. I knew this by 2 weeks as well.
  • I think it’s baby technique. My nephew always used to calm down outside. Babies love that stuff.
  • Best advice any new parents can receive is when babies are fussing take them outside or put them in water. Both are surefire ways of soothing a fussy baby or cranky kid.
  • that’s totally unsafe sleep, even if supervised you can see asphyxiation, just let the baby lay flat?
  • That baby IS sleeping in a recalled product I’m pretty sure though 🥴
  • Not recalled but not for sleep

What are your thoughts about TLC fans thinking that the baby lounger with pillows is unsafe? Do you know if kids prefer being outdoors at that age? Sound off in the comment section, and come back here often for all your Little People, Big World news.

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