‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Has Run-In With ‘Fish Police’

The Little Couple - Bill Klein - TLC YouTube

The Little Couple alum, Bill Klein and his daughter Zoey Klein went on an excursion, but they were disappointed when he had a run-in with the “fish police.” The former TLC star seemed irritated and angry after the clash, so he took to social media for some advice. Read on to find out what happened.

Bill Klein Knows A Lot About Animals

The Little Couple fans know that one of the businesses that Zoey Klein’s dad owns is a pet supply store. The Rocky & Maggie’s Pet Boutique and Grooming Salon was named after the family’s two adorable dogs, Rocky and Maggie. Unfortunately, Rocky passed away, but they still have Maggie and several other pets.

Bill Klein - The Little Couple- YouTube
Bill Klein – The Little CoupleYouTube

Bill Klein also knows a lot about fish. After all, the TLC family lived in Florida for a long time and Will Klein loved fishing. More recently, he took up sailing. Well, this week’s excursion with Zoey also involved fish. But, it didn’t turn into a fun outing at all. In fact, he seemed rather upset about it. Read on to find out why.

Zoey Klein & Her Dad Encounter The ‘Fish Police’

The Little Couple dad took to his Instagram on Thursday and shared about a disappointing day. In his rather long caption, he named a pet supply store. Next, he complained because he wanted to buy some live fish, but the store wouldn’t let him. He explained that they have a “BiOrb tank” with “nothing in it.” So, he and Zoey Klein wanted “two or three small fish for it.” 

The Little Couple Alums Zoey Klein, Bill Klein - Instagram
The Little Couple Alums Zoey Klein, Bill Klein – Instagram

Bill Klein also said, in part:

The sales person called the mgr over who told me I can’t buy two tiny glofish for that size tank… now, I know it’s a bit small, but so are the fish… and transferring fish as they get bigger is always an option. I’d also mention that they were housing 15-20 of these same fish in 7-10 gallon tanks… So we left emptyhanded and Zoey not too pleased. Nonetheless, I looked for a reliable reference… and can only find 1.5 and 3 gallon glofish tanks for sale along with reference that 1” of fish per gallon of water…we should have ample space for 2-3 for a while… curious… was the guy right?

TLC Fans Comment

People responded to the post about Zoey Klein and her dad encountering “the fish police.” Actually, they had some good advice:

  • We have had many tanks and fish. I’ve never encountered fish “police” before 😂
  • I’ve always heard one inch of fish per gallon. I’ve never had issues getting fish at other places, but our PSP doesn’t have fish.
  • We went through the same thing. Left and went to a different store. I have changed the water almost 10 times. They are thriving. I have 4 small fish, a snail, and a ghost fish in a 3 gallon tank.

What are your experiences with buying fish? Did you ever encounter the “fish police” and have to get around them by going elsewhere? Can you relate to the frustration that Bill Klein and Zoey must feel? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about The Little Couple family.

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