‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Has Idea To Get Wealthy Fast

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein

The Little Couple cast member Bill Klein has always been a savvy businessman. Recently, he shared his latest plan to get rich quickly with his many followers. So, what’s his latest idea?

The Little Couple: Bill Klein Has Always Been More Than A TLC Personality

When The Little Couple was on the air for all the years that it was, Bill Klein was always full of big ideas. He and Jen Arnold have their pet boutique in Houston called Rocky & Maggies. It offers pet supplies and grooming services for pet owners.

The Little Couple celeb Bill Klein didn’t stop there. He is always full of big ideas that go beyond television. It’s a good thing that he and Jen never put all of their eggs in the reality TV basket, especially since their long-running TLC show was eventually canceled.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jen Arnold – Bill Klein

Bill Klein Full Of Big Ideas

With all of the great business ideas that Bill Klein has floating around on a regular basis, he recently shared another one with his many The Little Couple followers. If he was looking for another way to add to his wealth and secure another bag, it appears he already found it.

Bill shared his latest money-making secret with his 200k social media followers. He said: “If I could bottle and sell the way my lady friend here makes me feel I’d be a very wealthy man.”

Bill included a pic of his wife, Jen Arnold, along with wishing her a “Happy valentines” to finish his message. Bill Klein doesn’t post on social media nearly as much as his wife does. The Little Couple followers who want to keep up with what they have going on usually have to turn to her for updates. Bill may not update as much, but, he does when it counts, and this was one of those times.


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The Little Couple Husband And Wife Still Going Strong

The Little Couple celebs Jen Arnold and Bill Klein got married in 2008. 2024 will mark 16 years as a married pair, although they have known each other a lot longer than that. After all this time, their love proves to be timeless, and their many fans love to see it.

Jen Arnold took to social media to share everything that her husband got her for Valentine’s Day. Her haul from Bill included flowers, cards, and chocolate from Godiva. Jen said that she was “feeling loved” on this special day.


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In a separate update, Jen shared an old pic of her and her husband, saying: “Life with you is an adventure filled with love, laughter, and endless support. Here’s to many more Valentine’s Days together.”

After all these years, Jen and Bill’s love is stronger than ever. For Bill, Jen is clearly the best investment he has ever made, and their love continues to have many happy returns.

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