‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Tastes First Slimey Creature, Pics

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The Little Couple alum, Jen Arnold went for dinner with colleagues, and she tried a new taste experience. Possibly, it was more like a texture experience. Soon, she got her friends laughing at her reaction. Recently, the TLC alum went to a summit about doctors and empathy, but four days later, she was with colleagues from her simulation team.

Jen Arnold Had A Funny Reaction To A Meal In Spain Last Year

The Little Couple doctor gets to travel a lot with her job. And, that usually means eating out with family or friends. Nearly a year ago, she went to Portugal on business, but Bill Klein joined her there for a break, as well. At the time, she shared a video of herself trying to eat a sardine. Actually, she decided it was so bad that she had to swallow it down with wine after she gagged.

The Little Couple Mom Eats Her First Sardine - Instagram
The Little Couple Mom Eats Her First Sardine – Instagram

Jen Arnold probably doesn’t hate eating fish, but some fish, like sardines, are strongly flavored. When he threw a party at New Year, Bill Klein revealed to his TLC fans that the menu was overflowing with fish. In fact, the menu contained all the ingredients of the Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian-American tradition. It’s probably safe to say that sardines were off the menu for her. This week, The Little Couple star tried another new taste experience from the ocean.

Little Couple Star Gets A Lot Of Laughs Eating Something New

On Instagram, the TLC doctor shared a reel of herself with her colleagues. They were dining out together and plenty of them laughed at her as she reacted to the texture and taste sensation. Actually, it was her very first time trying to eat a raw oyster. Judging by her expression, it didn’t go down too well on her palate. Most likely, she reached for her glass of wine again.

Jen Arnold Eats Her First Raw Oyster - Instagram
Jen Arnold Eats Her First Raw Oyster – Instagram

In her caption, Dr, Jen Arnold wrote:

Great evening out celebrating some amazing simulation work with my team at #immersive #desin #systems & #healthcare #systems #simulation #international #oysters #slimy #food #littlecouple @puritanco

Fans of the TLC alum took to the comments and discussed her taste experience. Here’s a small sample of them:

  • You’re a better person than I. Well done! 👏
  • Looks like you are having an amazing time, Jen! You were very brave to eat that oyster as that is something I would never ever eat they are definitely an acquired taste. ❤️❤️🦪🤮
  • Don’t chew…throw it down! Next time get fried oysters. Delish!
  • You have to do [it] fast with lemon n hot sauce !!! Lol.
  • Nope nope and nope! Slimy things but bravo for being adventuresome!
What do you think of Jen Arnold not enjoying slimy creatures from the sea? Do you agree that they are quite gross? Or, do you love sardines and oysters? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your The Little Couple family news.
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