Dr. Jen Arnold Clarifies Her Mom’s Health Condition

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Dr. Jen Arnold of The Little Couple told her fans that her mom ended up in the hospital. She later warned people that they should stay in contact with their medical professional even for non-COVID-19 concerns. Later, she gave an update but never specified what actually went wrong with her mom. But on her mother’s birthday, the TLC star finally dished on the worrying condition involved.

Dr. Jen Arnold updates her mom’s health condition on her birthday

We reported in mid-January, that Jen told her fans they rushed her mom to the hospital. And it seemed she experienced something scary with her heart. In fact, she wrote, “Admitted unexpectedly today for urgent cardiac tests- Heart disease is real.” So fans stressed about her a lot. Later, in an update, she talked about how her mom wasn’t critical after she underwent the tests. So, they felt very thankful for that.

Lots of people asked what went wrong, but they felt a bit bad about asking such a personal question. And, Dr. Jen Arnold didn’t go into any more details. But on January 29, she shared all about her mother’s birthday. The Little Couple fans then saw that the problem related to “cardiac arrhythmia.” She also told her followers that both her mom and her dad also went for their COVID-19 vaccinations. Because of the heart scare, Jen felt extra-happy celebrating her mom’s birthday last week.

Dr Jen Arnold Clarifies Her Mom's Health Condition
Credit: Dr. Jen Arnold | Instagram

What is cardiac arrhythmia?

Just because the grandma of Will and Zoey Klein didn’t have a heart attack, doesn’t mean that arrhythmia isn’t something people should ignore. Medical News Today explains:

“There are several categories of arrhythmia, including:

  • bradycardia, or a slow heartbeat
  • tachycardia, or a fast heartbeat
  • irregular heartbeat, also known as a flutter or fibrillation
  • early heartbeat, or a premature contraction.”

Older people seem at risk from it and might even end up with a stroke or heart attack. Plus other medical conditions or substance abuse might trigger it. So, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible. As Dr. Jen Arnold works in health, luckily, she knows all about the warning signs.

TLC fans send in their best wishes

In The Little Couple star’s Instagram post, many fans wished her mom the very best for her birthday. One of them commented, “Great news!!! So glad she is doing well! 😊” And another fan said it was “the best news.” In fact, good news seems in short supply with the coronavirus around. Talking about Dr. Jen Arnold’s parents getting the vaccine, one health worker also commented. They noted, “I’m desperate for my parents to get theirs! I have seen them twice since last Christmas. Working in a public health clinic I just can’t risk exposing them!!”

Huge update: In 2023, her mom passed away. Click for details. 

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