‘Survivor 46’ Winner Kenzie Shares Behind-The-Scenes Info

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Few people saw it coming when Kenzie Petty won Survivor 46. Kenzie played a great game, and she deserved to win. However, most people thought Charlie had this locked up. Yet, in a last-minute blindside betrayal, Maria went back on her word to Charlie and voted for Kenzie instead.

Kenzie talked about her win in a recent interview and addressed Maria’s vote for her.

Kenzie Petty Talks Survivor 46 Win

When Kenzie won Survivor 46, it took most viewers by surprise. Maria and Charlie had worked as allies throughout the series. However, after Maria tried to betray and blindside Charlie the week before the finale, it marked her fate. Then, Maria told Charlie to make it to the finale and that she would vote for him.

Kenzie from Survivor / YouTube

In the end, Maria lied. At the jury vote, Kenzie won by one vote over Charlie when Maria voted for Kenzie. If Maria had voted for Charlie as she had promised, Ben would have gotten the tiebreaker, and he seemed to be leaning toward Charlie. As a result, Kenzie is a million dollars richer and Charlie went home betrayed in the end.

“I was very surprised by Maria’s vote. My jaw hit the floor,” Kenzie said. “It just goes to show that as a player, you can try and cater to the jury, but you don’t really know who’s gonna appreciate what” (via PEOPLE). She said she was glad she resonated with Maria and it helped her win.

When told that Venus called her social game “brilliant,” Kenzie took it as a true compliment. “I was terrible at challenges, I was like, oh, this is all I got,” she said. “Granted I won two but the rest were a little questionable. I’ve gotta rely on my talents and my career is personable and social that it’s very natural to me.”

Kenzie Has Behind-The-Scenes Survivor 46 Stories

There are plenty of things that happen on Survivor that never make it onto the show and Kenzie had some stories.

Kenzie mentioned a funny moment with Charlie. She had never fished before and decided she wanted to try it on the last day. Kenzie didn’t know how to use a Hawaiian sling so Charlie went to show her how to use it and hit himself in “the family jewels.” She said it was “too perfect.”

Kenzie also clapped back against fans who complained that Liz helped Kenzie in an immunity challenge by grabbing a plank for her. She said even Jeff told them to play their own game, but they didn’t care. Kenzie shared this:

“That was Liz’s quick thinking. We had a common goal and we got it done. That’s what you have to do in Survivor is get your goal however you’re gonna get it and think creatively, find a loophole, make it happen.”

She also spoke about how Ben thanked her for helping him through moments of a mental health crisis. “I think there should be more focus on Ben’s strength getting through all of that than there should be on my compassion,” she remarked.

Finally, Kenzie Petty put off her wedding to compete in Survivor 46. She was scheduled to get married in June 2023 and postponed it until this year. Now, with a million dollars, she and her husband are expecting their first baby.

Are you happy to see Kenzie win Survivor 46? More so, are you surprised Maria blindsided Charlie with her vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Was rooting for Kenzie since early on. Ok I’m in love, lol. Charlie deserved to win, but I’m thrilled for Kenzie. Didn’t Maria have an idol? It must have expired. Great season.

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