‘Survivor 46’ Jeff Probst Hints At Brutally Competitive Finale

The Survivor 46 finale is coming and there are five contestants left. The show has seen two of the five playing a strong game all season concerning narrowing the competition. Another has gone a long way in proving her resilience. Two others have played a game that helped them escape any of the blindsides.

However, host Jeff Probst said that the three-house finale coming up this week will see there is “more blood to spill.” Here is what Jeff said about the finale.

Survivor 46 Finale To See “More Blood” Spilled

Jeff Probst is getting people pumped up for the Survivor 46 finale this week. It will last three hours and see more competitions, one early elimination, and the battle to reach the Final 3. While there are some favorites for the winner this year, anyone could walk out as the champion at the night’s end.

Jeff Probst from Survivor / YouTube

Jeff Probst said that the setup for this week’s big finale will play off the fact that Maria tried to blindside her long-time ally Charlie — and failed. “How do you recover when your plan fails? They have been loyal alliance members for most of the game, but have become each other’s number one target” (via Entertainment Weekly).

However, Jeff also points out that it isn’t just Charlie and Maria here. There are three other players involved as well, and this could play out in any number of different ways. Charlie and Maria were both frontrunners, but with Maria trying the blindside, it might have put a target on her head. Kenzie has played a very smart game all season, while Ben and Liz have made it to the end thanks to their likeability.

Despite the friendships and the likable contestants, Jeff hints that things are about to get bloody. “It will be a battle just to get to the end,” Jeff said. “Which means there is more Survivor blood to spill.”

Who Will Win Survivor 46?

Jeff Probst pointed out how the alliance between Charlie and Maria is pretty much finished. She tried to blindside him with Q on her side last week. Q even had an Immunity Idol, so they could have taken out Charlie easily. However, Q didn’t play the Idol and Charlie had Kenzie, Liz, and Ben on his side. Q went home with the Idol in his pocket.

Now, it is Charlie, Maria, Kenzie, Ben, and Liz. There will be a new competition between them. One of them will win and they will nominate two people for a one-on-one challenge. The loser of that challenge goes home and the winner joins the Final Three.

It is a good bet that whoever wins will put Maria against someone like Kenzie or Liz. That is unless Maria wins the challenge, and then Charlie will be the one going into the challenge. However, after that, it is up to the jury to choose the winner. Charlie has a lot of allies on the jury while Liz hasn’t made any enemies.

As long as Charlie doesn’t lose the one-on-one challenge. he is favored to win. If he is eliminated, it is anyone’s game.

Who do you think will win Survivor 46? Are you excited for the finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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