‘AGT’ Simon Cowell Horrified Over Freak Show Clown

Jelly Boy The Clown scares Simon Cowell on AGT | YouTube

If there is one thing that America’s Got Talent host Simon Cowell hates, it is clowns. That made this a tough week for the judge as he had to watch Jelly Boy the Clown perform on the show. However, it ended up as a shocking performance because Simon ended up giving Jelly Boy a “yes” vote and moved him on in the competition.

Here is a look at what Jelly Boy the Clown did on America’s Got Talent and why he won over Simon Cowell.

Jelly Boy The Clown Performs On America’s Got Talent

When Jelly Boy the Clown came out on America’s Got Talent, he knew he had an uphill battle. This is because Simon Cowell notoriously hates clowns. As soon as Jelly Boy the Clown came out, Simon turned his head and said “Oh no, oh no, oh no.”

Simon Cowell from America's Got Talent | YouTube
Simon Cowell from America’s Got Talent | YouTube

Sofia Vergara asked if he knew that Simon hated clowns, and he admitted as much. However, he said that his parents always watch the show and he had to try to make it with his act. Simon admitted, “I don’t like clowns. I hate them,” before the performer began his act. “I’m here to show you guys clowning in a different light,” Jelly Boy the Clown said.

He wasn’t kidding around.

Jelly Boy the Clown was not a clown act. He was a clown whose act was a danger act. He wasn’t booping a nose or doing clown tricks. After doing a silly balloon animal trick that failed (on purpose), he pulled out a watermelon and then grabbed a chainsaw. He then put the chainsaw in his mouth and sliced the watermelon with it.

He slipped on the melon (on purpose) and then lit a pole on fire, showing most of it down his throat. He then looked up and began to spit fire out of the other end of it in an impressive act. He then finished by grabbing two metal posts and showing off an electrical current. He put the post down his throat and then touched the current with the other end.

By the time he was finished, he had won everyone over.

Simon Cowell Votes Yes On Jelly Boy The Clown

When the act was over, Simon Cowell looked impressed. Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara watched most of it through their fingers, and Howie Mandel was astonished. It was a daredevil act that no one expected from a clown.

Jelly Boy the Clown’s real name is Eric Broomfield, and he is a performer who usually works at Coney Island in New York. He is actually part of a sideshow duo known as the Squidling Brothers. He also moved on to the next round in America’s Got Talent.

“That wasn’t clowning. That was fantastic,” Simon said. Mandel said, “Very rarely does a clown get four yeses.” When he gave the fourth one, the clown moved on.

What are your thoughts on America’s Got Talent this week, with Jelly Boy the Clown? Was he an impressive act who deserved to move on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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