‘Survivor’ Sets Notorious Record For Poor Gameplay

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Survivor 46 set a new record this week. It isn’t a record that is a good thing, either, as it makes this year’s Survivor contestants look poor strategically. This record shows that more people have gone home in one season — who could have saved themselves — than in any previous season of the show.

Here is the new Survivor 46 record that was set which makes this season a little disappointing for many fans.

Survivor 46 Sets Record With Q’s Elimination

On this week’s episode of Survivor, Maria and Charlie were suddenly on opposite sides of the fence. While the two have worked together this entire season, they decided it was time to go into business for themselves. However, Charlie chose not to target Maria. Instead, he targeted Q.

Survivor 46 / YouTube

This should have marked the end of the road for Charlie. That is because Q had grabbed an Immunity Idol and teamed up with Maria to vote for Charlie’s elimination. Charlie got the other competitors to team with him to vote for Q’s elimination. That shouldn’t have mattered because Q chose not to use his Immunity Idol.

As a result, Charlie only had Q and Maria voting for him and everyone voted out Q, who went home with the Immunity Idol in his pocket. He was the fifth member of the cast this year to go home while holding an Immunity Idol. That is the most ever in one season. This is bad because all five of these people could have saved themselves if they had used the Immunity Idol they found.

The other people voted out, while holding an Immunity Idol, were Jem Hussain-Adams, Tiffany Ervin, Hunter McKnight, and Venus Vafa. What is bad is that Tiffany, Hunter, and Venus all went out back-to-back-to-back. Q watched this happen for three straight eliminations and still chose to hold his Immunity Idol anyway, making him the fourth in the row.

Why Are People Not Using Immunity Idols?

It just seems bad gameplay not to use the Immunity Idols. These players could be in the finals next week if they had played smarter. Instead, Charlie is there and he would be off the island right now if Q had used the Idol and Q would be headed into the finals.

In previous seasons, a person would throw their Immunity Idol around like a badge of honor and tell everyone they were using it.  The Tribal Council would know not to waste a vote on them and target someone else. This season, the players are just holding it and mistakenly believing the others won’t vote for them. Five times now (and four in a row) they were wrong.

Venus even hinted to Charlie that she was going to hold onto it until the next week. Charlie told everyone and Venus went home with the Idol unused. Q chose to use the Idol to save Maria, but then she won Immunity anyway, and that meant that he couldn’t save himself. It was more bad gameplay.

The finalists played smart and attacked the people with the Immunity Idols in their hands. This could have backfired, but none of those people — a record-setting number — did anything to save themselves.

Are you surprised that so many people have gone home this season on Survivor without using their Immunity Idols for protection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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