‘Survivor 46’: Will Charlie Consider Turning On Maria?

Charlie on Survivor 46 / YouTube

Survivor 46 appears to be headed toward another betrayal this season. The entire purpose of this show is to win it all, and while people make alliances and friends while competing, only one can win in the end. It looks like one alliance is about to end, with Charlie Davis considering betraying his closest ally to target the end game.

Here is what Charlie appears to be planning to do in the next episode.

Charlie Planning To Betray Maria On Survivor 46

Charlie Davis wants to win Survivor 46 and knows that he has to make some tough decisions in the game if he wants to reach the end. This includes betraying someone who has stood by his side the entire competition. There appears to be a chance that Charlie will turn on his ally Maria Shrime Gonzalez.

Charlie on Survivor 46 / YouTube

Charlie was involved in a Us Weekly first look at the next episode and it sounds like he has already started his plans. Charlie said he worked hard to plant an idea in the minds of Ben Katzman, Kenzie Petty, and Liz Wilcox that the three of them could take out Maria and Q Burdette.

At this moment, Charlie and Ben went to the water well with Kenzie to talk about their next moves. They want to all be in the final five of Survivor 46. Ben pointed out that he made a mistake at the last tribal council where he accidentally voted for Kenzie instead of Venus Vafa. He mentioned they could use that as an advantage moving forward.

Ben said that his being a “total idiot” at the tribal council might make Maggie and Q think there is a wedge between them. This puts Charlie in an interesting spot because both of the groups want him on their side.

Charlie Has A Big Decision To Make On Survivor 46

The Survivor 46 sneak peek also showed Charlie in a confessional. He said that he could stick with Maria and Q, and said they trust him completely. However, he also said he could take out Maria, despite their friendship. That could be best for his game. He said this is the most difficult task he has had to face.

The cast of on Survivor 46 / YouTube

“I’ve voted out people I really liked but no one like Maria who I’ve played the whole game with and who I consider to be my best friend out here,” Charlie said. The two have been together since they aligned early in the season. They have formed a strong alliance that helped them run the show to the final six.

Last week, Charlie said he credited Maria for blindsiding Tiffany. He also considered targeting Maria last week but backed off since she won immunity.

What are your thoughts on Charlie possibly turning on Maria heading into the final five of Survivor 46? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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