‘Survivor 46’ Fans Blast Weak Strategy In Game Play

Survivor 46 is coming to an end with a three-hour finale. The two people who most expected to make it to the end are there. It seems that Charlie and Maria have manipulated most of the game and eliminated the people they deemed most dangerous. However, that makes the rest of the contestants’ gameplay look weak.

Here is what fans are saying about the latest season of Survivor.

Is The Survivor 46 Gameplay Bad?

This season, there have been a lot of people competing for things like Immunity Idols, but many of those people ended up going home at the end of the episode anyway. This makes little sense and it makes it seem like no one is playing the game with any sort of strategy in mind.

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It seems the only two people playing strategy is Charlie Davis and Maria Shrime Gonzalez. They have worked hand in hand this entire season. Even in the last episode, Charlie considered turning on Maria and Maria did turn on Charlie by siding with Quintavius “Q” Burdette. However, Charlie got the others to work with him and Q went home anyway.

Q was holding an Immunity Idol when eliminated on Day 23. Shockingly, that was just two days after Charlie and Maria got everyone to work together to eliminate Venus Vata — who went home with an Immunity Idol in her pocket. That was back-to-back eliminations of people who would have been protected if they had planted their Idol.

For at last Q, Charlie would have been eliminated if the Immunity Idol was in play. Instead, Q is gone and Charlie is moving on to the finale.

Why Are People Not Playing Strategically On Survivor 46?

Some of the contestants, like Venus and Q, just felt too secure in their placement on Survivor 46. As a result, they didn’t use the Immunity Idols when they needed to and went home. What causes people to feel so safe on a show where the purpose is to eliminate them?


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Five people this season found Immunity Idols and then held onto them when they ended up eliminated. That is the most of any season to date. Jungle Jam, Hunter McKnight, and Tiffany Nicole Ervin all went home with Immunity Idols in their possession. The game would look very different in the finale if they had played smarter.

Fans at home watched in astonishment at the poor gameplay:

  • “Me on Survivor after finding an idol knowing that it somehow has a curse attached to it now apparently”
  • “5 idols in pockets… 4 in a row”
  • “This is the worst strategic cast I’ve ever seen. Love them!!”

What are your thoughts on the Survivor 46 cast’s inability to play Immunity Idols correctly? Do you think this is the worst strategy in any Survivor season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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