Is It Time For ‘Survivor’ To Fire Jeff Probst?

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Survivor 46 just ended with Kenzie Petty shockingly winning. The season had some of the worst gameplay in years. Several people left the island with Immunity Idols in their pockets, and blindsides happened all the way into the finale. Now, with a Survivor 47 promo already released, there is some thought that changes are needed.

One thought is that Jeff Probst needs to go.

Should Jeff Probst Leave Survivor?

Survivor 46 was a weird season. The season set a record for bad gameplay, with more people eliminated while holding Immunity Idols than any other season in history. Additionally, the end was a shock, as Maria betrayed her ally Charlie by voting against him in the jury decision. This cost him the million-dollar prize and likely ended their friendship.

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Now, some people think that Jeff Probst might be the problem. The current season is the fifth in the “new era” for Survivor where there have been formatting changes. This is a reduction in the time of the game, and a switch on things like challenges, food rationing, and immunity. If this season proved anything, it is that the new changes are not making for good television.

Jeff Probst is not just the host, but he has served as the executive producer and showrunner since 2010. The changes Survivor has made over the years are ones that he implemented. According to Vulture, Jeff signs off on all the decisions, including who the show casts. The thought is that he is to blame for the show’s stagnation.


One thing that has happened with Probst in charge is that the show has gotten predictable. The puzzles to get the Immunity Idols are all mostly simple, so it doesn’t offer a challenge. It doesn’t matter anyway, since no one this season used their immunity idols. Probst makes it sound like they have to have it to protect themselves, and this causes them to go home with them.

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Jeff also simplified things, such as the fire-making challenge to get to the finals this season. He said he made it easy because he wanted a likable character in the end, even if they weren’t the best equipped for survival challenges. Sadly, that isn’t what the game is supposed to be about.

Jeff Probst Has Made Positive Changes To Survivor

With all the complaints about the show now, Jeff Probst has also made some positive changes to Survivor. Things seem more inclusive and there are fewer major factions running things.


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Since Jeff Probst took over as the showrunner, there has also been a better variety of contestants. There are more women than ever before (with one winning this season). Plus, there are more people of color and ones who are succeeding and making waves. Finally, more players not getting comfortable, and fewer dominating alliances.

Part of this is CBS mandating that 50 percent of all players be non-white. However, Probst and his crew are still the ones who sign off on who they bring onto the show.

What are your thoughts? Has Jeff Probst made good changes to Survivor? More so, has he made bad changes that hurt the game? Finally, is it time for him to go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. While I liked most of the players on a personal level, the article is correct in that the Survivors are not as cutthroat and competitive as many in previous seasons, and some were just plain unlikable forgettable. Also, the reduced number of days has affected the quality of the show.

  2. We stopped watched a couple seasons ago when the wokeness became too much to bear. Won’t go back as it appears to be something they seem to be proud of. Tthey ruined a great show.

  3. I personally think Liz helping Kenzie was a form of cheating…. I think the survivor theme was suppose to be everyone for themselves. .. it did not seem fair to the other competitor(s)….especially that close to the end & playing for immunity…. goes to show the producers dictate who they want to win.

    1. I agree. no where did I hear this was a Team Challenge.

      I have a question. On team challenges if one team is larger then the other team, the larger team needs to sit someone out as nit to give a disadvantage to the larger team.

      so why is it okay to team up on a individual challenge? wouldn’t that give the individual who gets help an advantage? So during team challenges the team who is larger should be able to play all players and no one sits out. This is the same premise of helping during an Individual challenge.

  4. I like Jeff. He makes the show. It’s not his fault that the players didn’t use their idols.

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