Jeff Probst Believes ‘Survivor’ Is Harder To Win Now

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Some Survivor fans feel this is the worst season in years for smart strategy gameplay. However, there is one person who doesn’t agree. Instead, host Jeff Probst said that the game is harder to win now than it used to be. This comes on the heels of Survivor 46 setting a record for bad gameplay.

Here is what Jeff Probst said about Survivor and its difficulty, as well as how bad this season has gone for competitors.

Jeff Probst Believes Survivor Is Harder To Win Than It Used To Be

Jeff Probst has a weekly podcast called Play or Get Played. On this week’s episode, he talked about the shocking eliminations over the past few weeks. While many fans feel the gameplay is at an all-time low, Jeff believes there is a different reason for the current season’s struggles. He feels the game is harder than it used to be.

Jeff Probst from Survivor / YouTube

Jeff says things are harder to win now on Survivor with the show dropping from 39 days to 26 days. it eliminates some of the time needed to really build alliances and partnerships. It also makes competitors feel they need to strike fast to get rid of people sooner rather than waiting. The host said this has caused Survivor to remain more difficult since Season 40 (“Winners At War”).

Jeff said that older players might not want to hear this, but the game is harder than it used to be. One of the big changes involves a lack of food. This makes it harder for players to survive to the endpoint. He said that lack of food and sleep leads to emotional breakdowns, which turns the tide of the competition.

The food part is correct, as shown with recent explosions when food is offered and some players block others from eating. It is harsh, but this is how people win the game now.

Survivor 46 Set Record For Bad Gameplay

However, this doesn’t explain a lot of the bad gameplay this season. In Survivor 46, the reality TV show set a notorious record for the most contestants to go home while holding an Immunity Idol that could have saved them.

When Q ended up eliminated this last week, he had an Immunity Idol, but he thought he was safe. He was the fifth cast member this season to go home while holding an Immunity Idol. That is the most ever for a single season. even more shocking is that four eliminations in a row left with Immunity Idols. No one seemed to learn from what happened before their elimination.

Do you think Survivor is harder to win than it used to be? Is Jeff Probst right that it isn’t always bad gameplay that leads to shocking eliminations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. No. They took diversity casting too far & stopped picking players that can actually play the game. So many people this season aren’t tough enough or clever enough to be there. If you’re allergic to everything, stay home! If you’re going to whine all the time, stay home! The immunity idol nonsense is just plain stupidity combined with arrogance. Even if they had never seen the show before, they watched their competitors get voted out in succession with idols in their pockets & somehow assumed the same thing couldn’t happen to them. This season sucked from the beginning. They’ve gone downhill since the changes. Jeff controls the show & does what he wants, so don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

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