‘CSI: Miami’ Returning With One Major Change For Franchise

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CBS canceled a lot of popular shows this season. They canceled Blue BloodsNCIS: Hawai’i, and CSI: Vegas. They also announced they will bring back S.W.A.T., but only for one more season. The reason the network execs gave was that they wanted to “freshen” things up and hope viewers would like the new shows replacing the beloved canceled series.

One way to do that is by adding in another franchise show, but this one will be very different from everything that came before. CSI: Miami is coming back in a new format.

CBS Bringing Back CSI: Miami As A Different Show

CBS has offered up some replacements for the departing shows, but it remains to be seen if fans care enough to buy into the new ones. For example, NCIS: Hawai’i is going away, but a show called NCIS: Origins is replacing it. For Blue Bloods, CBS is bringing in a spinoff from Fire Country to replace it.

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However, when it comes to CSI: Vegas, this was the last show in the long-running brand and the replacement will be like nothing fans have seen from the franchise. The new series is The Real CSI: Miami, and it will air this summer on CBS. It is also not a fictional series.

The Real CSI: Miami is more like Cops or On Patrol: Live than it is like any police procedural. That is because it is a reality series that covers real-life criminal cases and the forensic teams who work hard to solve them. It is probably going to follow the same format as Forensic Files, but take place with the police in Miami.

The Real CSI: Miami premieres on CBS on Wednesday, June 26, at 10/9c. It will also stream on Paramount+.

CBS Says CSI Is Not Finished Yet

While this show is not a scripted CSI show, CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach said that the network will always be looking for ideas concerning the franchise for future shows (via Deadline). This might be nice since CBS ended CSI: Vegas on a cliffhanger despite Reisenbach promising shows would get to finish their stories.

“I definitely think that franchise is alive and well; will continue to be in discussions we have,” Reisenbach said. I think that ultimately we’ll find different and interesting ways to bring the show back.” For now, that is just reality television, but, she continued by saying, “That franchise is very much alive and vibrant and you could imagine it coming back in many different ways.”

Are you excited about The Real CSI: Miami coming to CBS this summer? Do you like the idea of a true-crime series, or do you want more from the franchise’s fictional world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. Need to bring back all the CSI shows from Original CSI , CSI Los Angeles. CSI New York, CSI Hawaii. and CSI Vegas. Big Mistake cancelling them all and only brining back CSI Miami. My favorite shows in addition to all the NCIS ‘s.

    2. Absolutely, I never really cared for that redheaded actor, he’s just way too “Overacting”. Hands on his hips and the way he makes his comments..

  1. Looking forward to CSI Miami……was big fan of that show and the big NCIS
    Other sin offs were ok, but captivating as originals……one main reason was personalities of characters….beyond the plots. Horacio and Gibbs

  2. Where I was watching CBS 5 nights a week, now it will be Zero. EVERY program I watched was cancelled. I won’t be watching ANY of the spinoffs. Why invest my time and MONEY to follow a program to have it cancelled. (I have cancelled my Paramount+ streaming subscription.)

    My opinion is that CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach should be canceled/fired.

    P.S. I do not watch any reality programs.

  3. I would like to see Criminal Minds on CBS instead of Paramount Plus. I also think CBS should have kept NCIS Hawaii, CSI Vegas and Blue Bloods. I am not interested in Elsbeth, Matlock or NCIS Origins. There are just too many changes all at once. It would be nice if CBS would reconsider.

  4. I have enough reality in life. I much rather have the fiction. Believe me there’s enough stories out there in real life to be able to base fiction on. Of course my favorite CSI was Miami with Horatio Caine.. While we’re at it, need bring back Blue Bloods. That’s a good show that doesn’t have all the blood and gore in it. I enjoyed Criminal Minds until the stories got to be too gorey

  5. Agree with all of the above. Cancelling successful shows doesn’t make much sense to me. Have no interest in a real life CSI. As somebody else said just watch the news. With most other “action” shows turning into more soap opera than action (think the 911’s, Chicago Fire and most others) no real reason to watch network TV unless you are a realityy show groupie which I am not. I guess I will be streaming most of the time

  6. Quit taking good shows off .Let them run their season. instead when reruns come around put the new shows on until the fall and bring back the shows that ended their season.When their season ends bring back the summer shows. as for reality shows weekdays after noon til six.

  7. You cancelled two of my favorite shows, NCIS: Hawaii and CSI Vegas. I have no interest in any of the new shows you are offering, including the NCIS shows and the Vegas show. Both of those cancelled shows had great stories, great characters, and, in the Hawaii show, gorgeous scenery. Besides, why get interested in a new show and its characters if it’s just going to be cancelled in a couple years? I agree with one of the comments above: get rid of President Amy and bring back NCIS: Hawaii and CSI Vegas. (They probably pay her more than it costs to produce both the series they cancelled.)

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