Tom Selleck Hints That ‘Blue Bloods’ Might Return

Tom Selleck isn’t happy that CBS canceled Blue Bloods. He insisted the show was still a ratings juggernaut and the cancelation makes no sense. However, that might change if Selleck has his way. With the season finale coming up, Tom says he is “optimistic” about the show’s future, despite its cancelation.

Here is what Tom had to say about his show’s possible future.

Tom Selleck Optimistic About Blue Bloods Future

Despite CBS canceling it, Tom Selleck said he is not giving up hope in Blue Bloods’ return to television. Selleck plays patriarch Frank Reagan on the hit police procedural series. However, when CBS announced the show would end after Season 14, split into two parts, Selleck and other cast members were unhappy with the decision.

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods / YouTube

“I will continue to think that CBS will come to their senses,” Selleck said when asked about the show’s future on CBS Sunday Morning. “We’re the third-highest show in all of broadcast. We’re winning the night. All the cast wants to come back” Donnie Wahlberg, who plays one of Frank’s sons, Danny Reagan, also voiced his displeasure at the cancelation.

While CBS went back on its cancelation of S.W.A.T., and gave it one more season, the studio heads said it won’t happen for Blue Bloods. However, Selleck said he is optimistic about the show getting a second chance after the upcoming finale.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Seleck said he has to remain optimistic about the show’s future. “I’m gonna stay optimistic because everybody on the show wants to do it I’m just staying optimistic,” he said.

Why Did CBS Cancel Blue Bloods?

Tom Selleck said that no one understands why CBS is canceling Blue Bloods. “The reason I talk about it this much is so the public doesn’t think we’re just winding down and the show is tired,” Selleck said. “We’re as good as ever and very successful.”

Selleck said the show is the “third-highest scripted show in all of broadcast.” He said they are winning the night and everyone wants to return for another season. He said they aren’t sliding and are holding their place, so he wants the show back. Selleck also said he might lose his Los Angeles ranch if the show is canceled for good.

With so many cast members wanting to return and the show still on top, why is CBS canceling Blue Bloods? According to CBS Entertainment President, Amy Reisenbach (via Deadline), the network wants a strong schedule. That includes “refreshing” the schedule and ending some shows to start new ones. This means that, no matter how popular a show is, CBS is looking for the next big thing and gambles the new shows will keep the same audience.

What are your thoughts on Blue Bloods’ cancelation? Do you think the show will eventually find its way back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Please don’t cancel Blue Bloods. It is the best show on TV. The fans and the cast all want it to continue.

    1. Don’t just change for the sake of change. There is some merit to “don’t fix what ain’t broke!!

  2. Hello bluebloods is the Best Police Show and Needs to Stay on and 2nd in line is Law and OrderSuV. Bluebloods MUST Stay anew Show will Never Replace the quality of BlueBloods. I am ATomSelleck Die hard Fan and his 2sonns on the show and the Entire Cast are Great Actors. CBS Please rethink this its one of the Top TV police series All my Family and Many friends Love the Cast and Police Show. SAVE BlueBloods!!!!

  3. They should keep a winner and not hope that they will find another show that will do as well as Bluebloods. Quite a few of the new shows are not any good and are not worth watching.

  4. Keep this entertaining show on the TV. We’ve already got too many lame reality Tv shows on to entertain the mental midgets and those that live through the morons on those type of shows. Pitiful!

  5. I hope they bring Blue Bloods back for another season. I’m a fan and love the show! Please rethink this CBS! 🙏

  6. Love this show. Please bring it back, I have already have lost interest in some of the new you have recently introduced. Blue Bloods is best show on TV . Never boring😊

  7. Very reminiscent of ABC’s cancellation of “Last Man Standing” with no real explanation, still at the height of it’s popularity with strong ratings. (FOX immediately picked up LMS and it ran for several more years, but was eventually hampered by some annoying cast changes.) Can we be real here? No company or CEO in any industry just drops a longstanding and consistently high selling product to “refresh”. This makes no financial sense whatsoever. The truth is that mainstream network execs just can’t stomach such a popular show featuring and fueled by conservative undertones for too long, even if dropping it negatively affects their financial bottom line in the near term. My prediction: If CBS does follow through with their cancellation of “Blue Bloods”, it will be picked up and continued immediately after this season by another broadcast network (likely FOX) or a major streaming network. When that happens, BB will evolve into an even better incarnation of itself.

  8. Being a senior citizen, having a show like “Blue Bloods” is refreshing. Too many young idiotic writers on new shows to gain interest from my generation. Seems every new show must now have an interacial couple and at least two same-sex affairs going on. Is this the real world or just the preference of these young writers, wise up folks, that’s not how the majority of the viewers live.

  9. Blue bloods is my all time favorite show! I always watch Blue Bloods, and many times I also watch shows I’ve already seen! It is my FAVORITE show!!!! Please, please keep it going!

  10. Blue Bloods is a great fan favorite! From what has been being advertised so far, none of the newer shows coming on will be able to replace it! Why aren’t you listening to your viewers! A large part of your audience are Blue Bloods fans and taking it away from us in the way you are doing will certainly change the amount of viewers you have. You are basically shooting yourselves in the foot big time by taking it off the air on our Friday nights! Who doesn’t want to end their workweek watching Blue Bloods?

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