‘CSI Vegas’ Series Finale To Leave Fans Disappointed

When CBS announced it was canceling CSI: Vegas, it didn’t warn the showrunners. This means that fans won’t be happy when watching the season finale, knowing the show is ending. One of the show’s stars said “major cliffhangers” are in the finale that will never be resolved.

Here is what fans can expect from the CSI: Vegas finale.

CSI: Vegas To End With Unanswered Questions

When CSI: Vegas returned to TV, three of the show’s original stars returned. William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) returned to CSI as did former police detective Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle). However, they left after one season and the hope was that fans would latch onto the new cast. The series brought back Marg Helgenberger to reprise her role as Catherin Willows in the second and third seasons to fill the gap.

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However, CBS announced that it won’t renew the show for a fourth season, canceling it after three. When asked about the cancelation, CBS said they want to “refresh” the schedule regularly and bring in new shows, while ending older ones. They do this, even if the canceled shows are popular and still get good ratings.

The network also said they wanted to ensure the canceled shows ended their storylines. That turned out to be wrong with CSI. According to star Paula Newsome (Maxine), the season finale will have a major cliffhanger. This is also a cliffhanger that the series won’t be able to pay off for fans. She said they had to end the series sooner than expected and had no choice but to leave the audience guessing.

Not only that, but she said there are “multiple cliffhangers.” This makes it even worse than NCIS: Hawai’i, which ended with a nice conclusion, and only a hint of future stories. Fans of both shows are mad, but studio executives don’t seem to care and expect viewers to follow the new replacement shows.

What Is Replacing CSI: Vegas?

CBS is replacing CSI: Vegas with another show in the franchise, but one that is very different from everything that came before. The Real CSI: Miami will be the new show, premiering in June after CSI: Vegas ends.

The new CSI series will not be a continuation of the original CSI: Miami (starring David Caruso as Horatio Caine). Instead, it will be a true-crime series that follows members of the real CSI units in Miami as they solve real crimes.

It remains unknown if fans of the franchise will follow along with a true-crime series and leave the scripted world of the show behind. However, that seems to be what CBS expects.

What are your thoughts on CSI: Vegas ending with a cliffhanger? Are you disappointed to see the show canceled? Will you watch the new true-crime series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. Would not have to be a good book to replace what was shown this season! Overall disappointed in the 3 seasons of CSI Vegas. Could never measure up to the original which is still an impressive series!

  1. It’s not just CSI. “So Help Me Todd” had a major plot going that would have continued in the next season, but it was cancelled without a resolution. The ending of Young Sheldon was good, but knowing that the spin-off will ignore the Cooper family is annoying. Georgie promised to take care of his mother and sister, but I guess he’s going back on that promise. And as for Blue Bloods — I do not understand why CBS is pulling the plug on a successful show like that.

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