CBS Replacing ‘CSI: Vegas’ With Another Classic Franchise Series

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CBS has been “freshening” up its lineup by canceling some fan-favorite shows and replacing them with new versions, hoping fans will happily switch to the new shows. CBS canceled Blue Bloods to add more to the Fire Country franchise. It is also canceling NCIS: Hawai’i and replacing it with NCIS: Origins. Now, they are replacing CSI: Vegas as well.

Here is a look at what is coming next for the CSI franchise.

CBS Bringing New CSI Series To Summer Season

CBS announced several shows that they canceled and some were not only fan favorites but were also successful in the ratings. Things started out exciting when CBS brought back CSI: Vegas because it saw Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) return. However, they only lasted one season and the new cast had to carry the series.

CSI: Vegas

After three seasons and 39 episodes, the ratings continued to be strong. The first season with Grissom and Sara had between three and four million viewers an episode. The third season averages 6.4 million viewers per episode in Nielsen’s seven-day linear ratings. However, CSI: Vegas comes to an end on May 19. That will also mark the end of the series.

However, CBS does not plan to let CSI disappear. CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach said that the “franchise is alive and well” and they will always find ways to bring the show back (via Deadline).

However, CBS has a new CSI series on the way, and it isn’t a scripted drama. CSI: Miami is coming back, but it is not like anything fans have seen before.

The Real CSI: Miami WIll Show Real Forensic Scientists

The Real CSI: Miami is coming to CBS, but this is not a revival of the original series of that name in the way Vegas rebooted the original. The first show had David Caruso as Lieutenant Horatio Caine and a team of characters that became as beloved as any characters from the other franchise shows.

CSI: Vegas

However, this series won’t be about Horatio. It’s not a scripted series. Instead, this is a reality TV show set in the CSI franchise. The series will feature real-life crime cases and the cutting-edge forensic science used to solve them. This is a show that fans of the original series who love true crime should fall in love with.

This reality series follows the original CSI and its spinoffs, MiamiNew YorkCyber, and Vegas. This also follows a similar move where Paramount+ expanded its FBI series with FBI True, running for three seasons on Paramount+ and one season on CBS.

Are you excited to see a new CSI series in a reality TV format? Will you miss Vegas and the new team that series brought to the long-running franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Reality shows instead of our tv shows? HELL NO!!!!!!
    You are screwing with our normal tv shows!!!







    1. I want csi vegas back, why did you cancel such a good show. Enough with these reality shows.

  2. CSI:Vegas and NCIS Hawaii were both wonderful shows that deserve to remain on the air. I would have thought that FBÌ True would have shown the powers that be this move is not a good one. Quit trying to fix what isn’t broken and bring those shows back!

    1. I agree with you. There’s a lot of shows that are not getting a full sendoff like forever. I hate it when they leave it at a cliffhanger and cancel. It is so wrong to do a show like that not to mention what they did to the cast and crew in the process, nobody is happy about this

  3. It’s sad that “network” VP’s make these decisions. Being typically so far removed from the “reality” that viewers share! They won’t believe the ratings because the are prognosticating and predicting the future they thing the viewers are going. Our society continues to evolve and tastes in entertainment does as well, however there is room for both. Follow the money and the demographics!!

  4. What is wrong with these TV stations? They used to schedule shows according to what people watched. Now they cancel those shows and replace them with reality TV. I am so sick of reality TV. Some days there is no tv to watch. Im home most days 24/7 and would like some entertainment that is entertaining. The Real CSI is definitely not it!

    1. I know myself I am not happy because they’re getting rid of shows that I will watch. I’m not gonna watch a reality TV show like that in its place. I’m glad they’re making these two other shows NCIS origins and NCIS Ziva & Tony, but they have room to keep these shows going. They wanna make things fresh no don’t want to pay their people to make the shows that we will really watch and have watched. It’s pissing everybody off to the point they don’t want to watch that station anymore. CW has done that to me after years of loving them

  5. There are plenty of other time slots to put new shows in, leave our tried and true NCIS Hawaii, Swat, and Blue Bloods alone!! They are quality shows, favorites and deserve to stay on. I’m excited about the new Fire Country series and NCIS Origins, but NOT real-life CSI on primetime. Stream it if you must but leave regular tv alone. I don’t want to stream my shows, I just like to watch my regular non-stream shows that you are cancelling. Leave the reality to Survivor and Amazing Race!!!

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