‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings Shows Frustration With Bad Answers

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Ken Jennings was a Jeopardy! champion before he started hosting the show. This might explain why he is getting frustrated lately with some of the contestant’s guesses on the show. This was evident in a recent episode where one contestant went home with $0 and another lost in Final Jeopardy! by dropping below $1,000.

However, there was another episode where multiple triple stumpers caused him to show great disappointment.

Jeopardy! Contestants Struggling More Often Lately

Ken Jennings isn’t the only person to watch in shock as more contestants don’t know the answer to the board’s clues lately. Many viewers watch from home and don’t understand how the contestants are missing what is said to be “easy” clues.

Ken Jennings is the current host of the traditional show, but the Pop Culture Spinoff host is unknown. - Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! posted some triple stumpers to its Instagram page. This is a case where none of the contestants know the answer. What is amazing is that some of these are rather easy clues, although possibly not for the more intellectually based questions some fans are used to.

One clue read, “A biopic about this late celebrity & star of Romeo Must Die was subtitled the Princess of R&B.” Aaliyah was the answer, but none of the contestants knew the answer. Another clue read, “She Freaky Fridayed herself into Elizabeth Taylor’s body for the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick.” No one could guess Lindsay Lohan.

Another clue read, “In The Queen’s Remix of this song, Beyonce mashed up Madonna’s Vogue, updating the rap to honor Black icons.” The answer is “Break My Soul.” Yet another seemingly easy clue read, “This Doors frontman reportedly died in a Paris bathtub, July 3, 1971; other believe he faked his death.” Of course, that is Jim Morrison.

Ken Jennings has been showing more frustration lately with bad answers. However, for people who don’t understand how people can miss these questions, help is coming.

Pop Culture Jeopardy! Coming To Prime Video

A new Jeopardy! spinoff called Pop Culture Jeopardy! is coming to Prime Video. The new series will have three teams of three people instead of individuals competing, and it will all be based on pop culture topics rather than obscure classic trivia.


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Many fans feel this is “dumbing down” Jeopardy!, but as these triple stumpers show, many of the smartest contestants have no clue about the answers. It makes one wonder if it is dumbing things down. Maybe it opens it up to people more knowledgeable about modern-day topics than many Jeopardy! champions.

If contestants on the main show aren’t smart enough to answer these questions, is it a step down to open it up for smarter people concerning today’s topics? At the moment, there is no host. Ken Jennings won’t host the show, but there are many possibilities, including Levar Burton.

What are your thoughts on current Jeopardy! contestants missing questions about topics from modern times? Is Ken Jennings right in his frustration? Will Pop Culture Jeopardy! solve this problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Since Alex Trebek passed, I’ve noticed that the Jeopardy questions have changed. I’ve watched the show for years. The questions have become more complex and obscure. Not only do I not know the answers for certain ones, I don’t know what the question is even talking about. This has been so frequent, I’ve started to think about not watching the show anymore.

  2. I personally believe a lot has to do with the subject matter. Not everyone is knowledgeable in all subjects.

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