‘On Patrol: Live’ Fans Share Best Punchline Of Season, Clip

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On Patrol: Live offers up a look at law enforcement officers as they go about their duties. However, it isn’t all about busting criminals and dangerous situations. Sometimes, there are funny moments when the officers can laugh about a situation or a specific person they are questioning.

One of the best punchlines of the season came when the officers were talking to a man who just left a gentleman’s club.

On Patrol: Live Fans Love One Joke This Season

The On Patrol: Live fans on Reddit pointed out a joke in one episode that has what they call the best punchline of the season. Four police officers were talking to a man who said he had just left a gentleman’s club. When one officer said, “That was your first mistake,” the man launched into his story.

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The four officers, all women, laughed and looked at each other with smiles as he went through the story. According to the man, one of the dancers there disrespected him. He said he was doing his “raining money” routine, where he was using his hands to sling dollar bills onto the stage for her. However, he said she disrespected him after this.

One of the officers said he was paying her, so she didn’t have a reason to be mad at him. He said that was true. Then, he sprung the first twist on the story. He said she was made because he was throwing Monopoly money onto the stage — not real money. This got a chuckle out of the officers, but then the man delivered a perfect punchline to the story.

He said the dancer complained it wasn’t real money. He said he looked at her and said, “those aren’t real ta-ta’s,” which caused the officers to laugh at the joke.

On Patrol: Live Fans Praise The Punchline

The Reddit On Patrol: Live fans appreciate the humor as well. The post itself was titled, “And the award for best punchline of season 2 goes to…”

And the award for best punchline of season 2 goes to…
byu/G-Ziss inOnPatrolLive

This led to other commenters pointing out their appreciation of the joke and punchline from the man.

  • “Not gonna lie… I straight up cackled when he said this!”
  • “OPL should fly him in to guest host in the studio”
  • “Wasn’t this guy the same one who was dressed up as Batman outside of a Walgreens sitting on the sidewalk? Trying to drink a beer in front of the cops?”

The OP pointed out that this is “Eastside Alan a.k.a. Geoffrey the Giraffe.” This man even has a Facebook page that celebrates his new celebrity thanks to On Patrol: Live.

What do you think about Eastside Alan’s punchline on On Patrol: Live with the gentleman’s club joke? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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