‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace To Testify Against David Eason?

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Jace Evans grew up on Teen Mom until his mom ended up booted by MTV, but might he testify against David Eason and make it to Court TV? His stepfather faced accusations by Jace of strangling him and other abuse. CPS held a hearing and it seemed that David was let off the hook, but he still faces a federal charge of alleged strangulation and a child abuse offense.

Jace Evans Has A No-Contact Order Against His Stepdad

Jenelle Evans defended David Eason for a lot of things during the drama of Jace running away from home four times last year. Well, she did a switcheroo and at the moment, she’s busy trying for an order to keep him away from herself and her daughter, Ensley. She applied twice because Jace already had a no-contact order in place. As the court date for the alleged strangulation case approaches, it seems that David’s estranged wife can’t put enough distance between her and her former lover.

Teen Mom Alum David Eason - Instagram
Teen Mom Alum David Eason – Instagram

After Jace Evans claimed David assaulted him, rumors arose that video footage of the incident existed. Actually, it was thought that Jenelle Evans might have witnessed it. If that’s true, perhaps the prosecution will produce it in court. It would be interesting to see if the controversial Teen Mom star also testifies. Now, the news arrived that Jace will take the stand against the former MTV stepdad in court.

David Eason’s Step Son, 14, Will Take The Stand In Court

Stories ran rife, and one that emerged was that Jenelle’s ex had simply picked her son up off the ground after some sort of seizure related to his meds. Whether that is true or not should emerge during the trial. According to The Sun, the court date isn’t known, but it might be in “the summer.” And, Janelle’s son is keen to stake the stand.

Jace Evans, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser and Ensley - Instagram
Jace Evans, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser, and Ensley – Instagram

The outlet cited a source who revealed Jace Evans‘ desire to testify. The insider said:

Jace is adamant about going to testify. He can’t wait to take the stand, he hates David.

The young MTV alum works with “the District Attorney’s office,” preparing for the big day.

A lot of Teen Mom fans might feel vindicated because they cautioned Janelle Evans about David Eason for years. If she’d booted him sooner, like when Nugget the dog died, all of the trauma for Jace Evans would have ended years ago.

What are your thoughts about Jace Evans testifying against David Eason? Have you ever testified at a criminal trial? It’s not as easy as it might seem if the defendant has a good legal team. Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your news about Teen Mom.

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