Does Video Confirm Or Vindicate David Eason Of Jace Evans Alleged Assault?

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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ son Jace Evans made it to the missing person list after he ran away from home for the third time and he reportedly claimed David Eason assaulted him. Now, it’s being alleged that a ring camera captured video of the incident.

Jace Evans News Reveals He Might Have Been Assaulted

The first time that Jenelle’s son ran away, came about 11 months months after she obtained custody of her son from Barbara. At the time, the MTV alum claimed that her boy got into trouble at school. So, she and David Eason punished him by taking his phone away. Back then, she wrote it off as the behavior of a “typical teenager.”

Teen Mom fans heard that the second time Jace Evans ran away, he went off exploring “The Land,” and then ran. Once again, his mother called the police to help locate him. Returned safely home, his mom asked for privacy on her social media. However, no reason emerged as to why he ran away. Now that he ran away for a third time, alleged video evidence might suggest that David Eason assaulted the 14-year-old or may vindicate him.

Jace Evans Claimed David Eason Assaulted Him – Video Evidence?

Someone spotted Barbara entering a hospital, and naturally, Teen Mom fans wondered what happened. A lot of the bigger tabloids reported about it. However, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup cited a source confirming claims about a ring camera that supports the story by Jace. The young former Teen Mom cast member reportedly claimed that he ran away because David Eason assaulted him.

Teen Mom Video Evidence Confirms David Assaulted Jace Evans - Jenelle Evans Youtube
Teen Mom – Jace Evans First Ran Away After School – Jenelle Evans – Youtube

Originally, The Sun reported that Jace claimed he ran away after an attack, and that a ring camera captured the assault. Now, The Ashley’s source confirmed that allegedly witnesses saw what happened. Additionally, a neighbor’s “ring camera” backed up the teenager’s story. Jace Evans reportedly isn’t in the custody of Janelle or Barbara following the allegations. News reports suggest that he is being looked after by CPS. Allegedly, CPS opened a case against Jenelle and David.

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Was Present?

According to the new confirmation about the ring camera, the source alleged that Janelle watched Jace Evans experience the alleged attack. They told the outlet, “Jenelle did not get physical with Jace or have anything to do with that but she was there.”

Additionally, “The alleged attack was also caught on the homeowner’s Ring camera.” And, “The Ashley’s source tells her that CPS and other agencies have the video.”

Do you believe video evidence exists from a ring camera showing David Eason allegedly assaulting Jace? What about Jenelle claiming that her son ran off because of a girlfriend? Might she have actually been there and done nothing to stop it? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. And, remember to come back here for more news about MTV’s Teen Mom cast.

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