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Jenelle Evans Weeps In Emotional Video About Custody Of Jace

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Jenelle Evans gets almost more hate than anyone from the Teen Mom franchise. Thanks to social media, many fans throw this hate in her face on a daily basis. After one comment concerning her oldest son Jace, Jenelle couldn’t take it anymore.

She recently released a video in tears as she talked about the one child she does not have custody of.

Jenelle Evans responds to online hater about son Jace

Jenelle Evans has an often contentious relationship with fans online. Teen Mom fans who have followed her life for years often feel like they can say anything they want to her, no matter how hurtful. While there are often things that happen that make her an easy target, one recent comment hit below the belt. Someone posted a comment that read, “POV you grew up and you realized Jace was always meant to be with Barb.”

Jenelle Evans and Jace

In 2010, Jenelle Evans gave her mother Barbara full custody of her son Jace. This came after Jenelle was charged with marijuana possession and breaking and entering. In 2016, Jenelle and Barb entered into a legal battle over Jace. While the court documents ended up sealed, Jenelle said that Jace was “out of control” and Barb was unfit to care for him. This also ended the relationship between Jenelle and her mother.

Since that time, a lot has happened. MTV fired Jenelle after her husband David killed the family’s puppy with a gun after it nipped at their baby. She only briefly returned to MTV, although she has tried to start careers in other areas, including selling makeup and starting her own OnlyFans page.

Now, she wants custody of her son back.

Jenelle releases tear-filled video answering online troll

In January 2021, Jace set fire to Barb’s carpet and Jenelle received emergency custody of her son. She accused her mother of neglecting his mental health needs and blocking her from her allowed visitation rights. However, Jace is back with Barb and the custody battles continue.


Replying to @theheartisastonee I feel like hiding forever. Wish I never was on TV 😭

♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

Jenelle released a TikTok video to answer the troll who mocked her for not having custody of Jace. Jenelle said, “Comments like this is exactly why I don’t want to share my life anymore.” Ironically, the video had Jenelle sharing more of her life with Teen Mom fans. She went on to tell the fans not to “believe everything you see on your TV screen or are hearing from a third party.”

Jenelle was clearly emotional in the video and said she wasn’t there to bash her mom or anyone else, but “if there’s no problem with someone having their child they should have it.” She then said that the people who think she is a bad mother don’t know her at all. She said, “I do everything in the world for my kids. And I try my hardest to be the best d**n mom I can be.” Jenelle then said she was sorry for crying and admitted she wished she had never appeared on TV.

Do you feel Jenelle Evans should have custody of Jace? What did you think about her video? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Barb should never have taken custody of Jace! As a mother I watched her systematically convincing Jenelle that it was best ,but it was totally unnecessary and drove Jenelle on a bad path. If she had given her room to mature and grow, then Jenelle would have mastered it and not have turned to drugs. The viewers were coerced to thinking Barb was right by that awful Dr.Drew, who IMO should not be a parent himself!!!

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. If Barb never took custody of Jace, he would’ve been taken away permanently. The foster care system is dark, to put it lightly. But Jenelle, even with her income going up and up without having a real job or career, school, anything. Was not stable and able to even take are of herself until 2013v 2014? Get real.

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