Fans Shocked As Jenelle Evans Confirms ‘Teen Mom’ Return

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Fans are shocked as once-fired Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans has confirmed she’s returning to the show. There had been speculation for some time she would be coming back. Yet, nothing was ever solidified and it seemed that maybe would come back as a guest. Now, she is making her grand return. Keep reading for all of the details.

Fans Shocked As Jenelle Evans Confirms Teen Mom Return

Jenelle Evans was let go from Teen Mom back in 2019 after a series of unfortunate events. Her husband, David Eason had shot and killed her dog, Nugget. This prompted Jenelle to leave him along with her kids as she claimed she was done with the marriage. She ended up returning but his bad behavior and things he was doing got them fired from the series. The two stayed together albeit they had many hiccups and threw accusations at one another. Then, Jenelle regained custody of her teenage son, Jace in early 2023 only to lose it in September of the same year.

Jenelle Evans-Instagram
Jenelle Evans-Instagram

David was accused of assault on Jace so he went to live with her mother, Barbara again. He ran away from her home and was eventually placed back with Jenelle. She then split from David which fans believed was to keep her son and to get back on television. It seems to have worked because the Teen Mom OG page just confirmed her return.

A Reddit thread was started for fans to discuss their thoughts about Jenelle being back. She was just seen out with Briana DeJesus as she had made a cameo at one of her parties. That really sparked the speculation that Jenelle Evans would be making her official return. So, what did fans have to say?

  • F**k MTV for falling for this bullsh**. Her and that Neanderthal are not divorcing, and MTV fell for it hooker, cocaine line, and stinker.
  • MTV wasted no time…
  • All a ploy between her and David to get back on the show.
  • Unfortunately it isn’t surprising. MTV continually enables and rewards this type of behavior.

All For Show

Teen Mom viewers clearly saw this coming a mile away. They also believed that this confirmed Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s divorce was for show. She was willing to do whatever she had to in order to get back on the series. Now that five years had passed, it seemed like enough time had gone by and all was forgiven. Will fans be interested in what Jenelle has to stay after all that has transpired or are they mad at MTV for enabling her?

Are you looking forward to seeing Jenelle back or are you completely over her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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