Jenelle Evans Gives Glimpse Of Jace’s Homecoming

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Jenelle Evans is giving fans a glimpse inside of her son, Jace’s homecoming after CPS dropped the case. It had been several months since he had been back to The Land so what did Evans share? More so, how did the fourteen-year-old look? Read on for more details and to see the video.

Jenelle Evans Gives Glimpse Of Jace’s Homecoming

When Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, ran away three times in under two months, it looked like he would not be coming home anytime soon. The former Teen Mom star’s husband, David Eason had been accused of assaulting Jace. Therefore, he claimed that if he was sent back to his mom and stepfather, he would leave all over again. He ended up in the custody of his grandmother, Barbara who had raised him most of his life. Jace appeared very happy but then he ran away again and was removed from her custody. It was revealed by Jenelle that he had mental health issues which caused him to act out.

Jace, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser-Facebook
Jace, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser-Facebook

Now, it appears that he is back home with Jenelle, though it is unclear for how long. She, Barbara, Jace, and his biological father had been in court for some time. Jace’s dad, Andrew Lewis, had not been present for most of his life. However, he had been making an effort so he was Zoomed in. Since Jace is back on The Land, Jenelle made a TikTok of him playing and seemingly relaxed.

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Jace is playing with his younger brother, Kaiser, his hair long and covered by a backward baseball cap. Over the video, Jenelle Evans wrote “Cherishing every moment.” Fans immediately chimed in after seeing the clip:

  • Hold him close, I remember being 15 I literally thought my life was over lol. Looking back I was definitely dramatic but I just didnt understand ❤️
  • Kaiser also looks so happy to have him there and as a brother❤️
  • So happy he’s home where he belongs. ❤️
  • I hope everything works out for you ❤️

Constant Praise

Most of Jenelle Evans’ followers had nothing but praise for her. They were thrilled that Jace was back where he belonged and could tell how excited Kaiser was to have his brother. More so, she would respond to comments with extreme positivity. Now, it has been rumored that Jace will be getting help elsewhere but for now, he is home. No telling how long this peaceful time will last but all that matters is he is happy, healthy, and safe.

Are you shocked to see Jace back with Jenelle and David? Did you think he would ever end up back there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This wasn’t filmed on “The Land.” Swamp Queen only has custody to make decisions about medical care and the like. How you know this is NOT “The Land.” 1. The stairs behind the boys. The sinking swamp house is only one story. The interior in no way matches anything Swamp Queen has ever posted. 2. Jace can’t legally live on the land unless Swamp Queen kicks out her child abusing husband. CPS case may have been dropped because of a TECHNICALITY but her husband is still going to trial for STRANGLING that poor boy. One of the court’s requirements is that Jace can not live with that monster and Swamp Queen will never pick her kid over a man. She’s said it herself. THIS SITE even reported on it. But yay, let’s celebrate a child abuser! 🙄 Gross.

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