‘Chicago Fire’ Losing Beloved Star After Season 12 Finale

Wallace Boden - Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire season finale might see the departure of one of its most beloved cast members. Heading into the finale, fans remain concerned about the future of Severide (Taylor Kinney). A new promo shows how he might be facing death this week.

However, he is not the character who is leaving, although his future is also in question. Another major actor is leaving Chicago Fire after the season ends. Here is what you need to know.

Chicago Fire Losing Major Star After Season 12 Finale

After the Chicago Fire Season 12 finale, Eamonn Walker will leave the TV series. He is an original cast member who has been on the show since the start, playing Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden. Unlike many characters who die on the show, Boden will get a more distinguished farewell.

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Walker, 61, decided he wanted to take a step back from his role on the show. Normally, writers and showrunners decide when a character needs to die or leave, but in this case, the actor himself decided he needed a break. The good news is that Boden is not dying, and he will return for guest appearances down the line.

The Season 12 finale, “Never Say Goodbye,” airs on May 22 and that will be when Boden moves on from his position. His character left for “personal family matters,” leaving Severide in charge. He will be back for the finale. It seems that will mark his end as a main cast member.

The synopsis reads: “Boden makes a decision that impacts the race for Deputy Commissioner. A tense call brings up painful memories for Carver [Jake Lockett] and Damon [Michael Bradway]. Mouch [Christian Stolte] struggles to adjust to the new Truck” (via Deadline). If Boden gets the role of Deputy Commissioner, it could mean Severide could be up for a promotion — if Taylor Kinney remains on the show.

Could Taylor Kinney Also Leave Chicago Fire?

The promo for the upcoming Chicago Fire episode has many fans concerned about Severide as well. Someone steals one of the firetrucks and it turns out that Severide is on it. This puts him in great danger as he battles the thieves, who are armed and he might not make it out alive.

Severide also took a break from the station last season, as Taylor Kinney stepped away for personal reasons. This has some fans concerned that he might be looking at leaving the show after starring in it for the last 12 seasons.

However, Walker leaving Chicago Fire as one of the main characters could solve both problems. For one, it would allow Walker to step back into a minor recurring role with his promotion. That could also lead to Severide taking his current position, which could mean less screen time for him and someone else to step into his spot as the face of the show.

What are your thoughts on Eamonn Walker leaving Chicago Fire? Will you miss Boden on the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. i personally think the chief is the glue that kept the firehouse in line but loved and respected. i think he’s a exceptional actor and i hope his replacement has the same charisma as chief Boden did.

  2. Boden will be sadly missed he’s a main character @ great actor this show seems to be having a lot of issues so many leaving @ dieing on the show writers need to get their shot together this is @ was no.1 shoe for a long time now ur messing with losing top actors @ ur viewers as well !! Boden u will be missed start paying ur actors what their due

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