‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers: Is Severide Going To Change His Mind About Marriage?

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Fans of Chicago Fire love Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd together. These two look like marriage will be happening soon. A new preview from TV Line has fans thinking that Kelly could end up changing his mind. Kelly hasn’t popped the question yet, but cold feet could already be happening.

Is Kelly Getting Cold Feet?

In a preview for this week’s episode of Chicago Fire, Stella is in a great mood. She just passed the lieutenant’s exam. This has been a big stress for her lately. Kelly ends up talking to Casey and admitting that he has a bit of cold feet. This has to do with something that Stella said to him early in their relationship. Kelly told Casey, “I’ll never do it again because I don’t ever want to be in a situation where I can’t just leave” is what she revealed.

Casey made sure to tell him that was a long time ago. He seems to think that she is up for marriage once again. It will be interesting to see if Kelly and Stella ever do get married.

Will these two get married on Chicago Fire? 

Of course, the fans think that Stella and Kelly will get married on Chicago Fire at some point. He may have to convince himself to pop the question. Stella Kidd has made it clear she is head over heels for Kelly Severide. Spoilers did tease that both of them have a few hard times coming up. Hopefully, that isn’t anything that will keep them from getting married.

It will be interesting to see if Stella ends up having to move to a new station now that she has been promoted. That would not make things easy on them, but it could also be a lot worse.

Fans on Twitter

Fans on Twitter always voice their thoughts on Chicago Fire. Here is what a few had to say about Kelly and Stella.

  • I can’t wait, but I just hope we aren’t left sad after tomorrow! Kelly and Matt legit need to get their shit together and stop mumbling over everything. I bet even if Stella doesn’t want to get married she’d still be with him. I bet she will want to marry him though!
  • omg they are so cute. but also kelly be a grown up and have a conversation about it with Stella.
  • I’m sad that I will never get a scene of Kelly and Stella babysitting Louie Who else cried?

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