Luke Bryan Reveals Real Reason His Eyes Are Always Red

American Idol Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan, a judge on American Idol, has red eyes a lot of the time. Fans are wondering what is going on and there have even been some rumors that it might be from the use of weed. It turns out that isn’t the case at all.

Luke Bryan Reveals What Is Really Going On

Luke Bryan was recently on a show where he shared the real reason his eyes are red. It turns out that it is a simple allergy and not the country singer doing anything wrong. That is unless you consider bass fishing a crime. While appearing on Audacy’s Totally Private, Luke shared the real reason that his eyes are red a lot of the time, even on national television.

Luke said, “Just so we know, if I do interviews and I look like I’ve been smoking pot, that’s not true. I’ve been catching bass.” This is something he has had to deal with his entire life, but Luke loves fishing. He can’t control what he catches on his line, so he has to take a bass off the line once in a while. Bryan went on to say, “If I touch a bass, my eyes will get red, my hands will swell if I have to take the hook out. I’ll get in front of it. I’m like, ‘I know I’m going to fish today,’ so I’ll take an Allegra in the morning,”

Luke Bryan [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

How Did Luke Find Out?

When Luke Bryan was just a kid, they simply thought it was seasonal allergies. He would go fishing with his dad and this would happen to him all the time. As an adult, he finally realized that he has an actual allergy and it is a bigger deal. Here is what Luke said:

“My dad would take me on these fishing trips, and I would be in the back of the boat like wheezing, maybe in need of an EpiPen. My Dad was just like, [‘Suck it up,’] we just thought it was allergies [to] like, the trees, but it’s actually touching the bass.”

The allergy that he deals with is to all sunfish. This means that bass, shellcrackers, breams and other types of fish native to North America all cause his eyes to get red if he touches them.


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Did you realize that your eyes could get red from a bass allergy? What did you think was going on with Luke Bryan’s eyes? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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