‘Love & Translation’ Update: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Love & Translation, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Love & Translation Season 1 came to an end tonight on TLC. The three guys chose their girls and now fans are looking for updates. Tonight, they were live on Instagram sharing who is still together and what is going on with them now.

Are Tripp And Leidi Still Together?

Tripp and Leidi from Love & Translation are still going strong. Tripp shared that they have been together for almost two years now. Yes, it was that long ago that they filmed the show. They still live in different countries, but they see each other often. They got on Instagram live together and talked about the fact that they have taken a lot of trips together. He also said the rumor that Leidi is pregnant is not true at all.

Tripp and Leidi did break up for about one month but decided that they loved each other and wanted to work it out. Tripp is an actor and doesn’t plan to do 90 Day Fiance, but would love to do The Amazing Race. He said that they will be sharing updates on Instagram for fans.

Tripp From Love & Translation, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Tripp From Love & Translation, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Are Dylan And Tulay Still Together?

Dylan went live on Instagram and Tulay was actually there with him! He showed her in the background. These two are still together and things look like they are going well. There was not a big update about exactly what is next for this couple, though.

Dylan & Tulay From Love & Translation, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Dylan & Tulay From Love & Translation, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Are Kahlil And Jhenyfer Still Together?

Kahlil shared on his live that they were not together. He also said they dated for about a year and two months before calling it quits. Kahlil refused to explain what happened or why they were over. He is still in touch with Airi, but they aren’t together either. She was also on live saying she has been living in Canada for a year. Airi has done a great job of learning English since the show ended.

Jhenyfer posted on her Instagram sharing that they didn’t work out as well. You can see her post below.

Are you shocked about the updates for the couples from Love & Translation? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. So far, there is no word on if this show will be back for Season 2 or not.

Mandy Robinson


  1. Nothing extraordinarily shocking in this update. I’m a bit surprised that any of the couples stayed in touch. I watched Perfect Match a few days ago and the winners weren’t even together just days after the filming ended!
    I feel sorry for Yam. She made a mistake by not telling Dylan sooner about her child. Given time he might have accepted her son. I got the sense that he liked Yam more.
    I think the show would have been better if the men had gotten the translation devices sooner. It got a bit tedious with all the miscommunication going on.
    Overall I hope they make a second season as it was better than many reality dating shows.

    1. Kahlil made a big mistake picking Jhenyfer. She did not even like him. It was ONLY after Airi was in the picture she said she wanted him. It was a game to her. I knew they would not work. She just did not want to leave empty handed. Not my kind of person. Airi is so sweet, genuine and beautiful…I hope she finds someone great.

    2. I am shocked to find out that the show was done almost 2 years ago. The fact that 2 out of three couples are still together is a pretty good batting average. I did feel Kalil would still be with Jhenyfer. Maybe he is destined to be with Airi?

    3. Yeah, she should have told him earlier. But I don’t think their relationship would has lasted, not because of her son, but the age difference. I think she would have broken it off after 6 months. Dylan is not ready to live like a 35 year old man. Nothing is wrong with that. Yam would be better off with a more mature man.

  2. I really enjoyed the show and was tune in every Sunday night. I definitely think they should do a season 2. This first season was great!! Every week it was something new. I’m happy to see some of the cast from the show are still together. Would definitely watch another season of Love & translation for sure!!

  3. I’m happy for Tulay and Yam. Tulay and Dylan are perfect for each other because they have the freedom to travel back and forth to see each other. I think it would have been a struggle for Yam and Dylan.
    Great show, I hope they film another season.

  4. Happy for Tripp and Leidi, and Dylan and Tulay and hope their love only continues to grow and become stronger all the time. Airi was my favorite of the girls; sweet, innocent and traditional – very refreshing. She deserves better than Kahlil because he still has a lot of growing to do and wisdom to gain, actually, he and Dylan both. Jhenyfer was my least favorite; conniving, shallow and in it purely for the competition. Would love to see another season and lasting outcomes.

  5. i most definitely liked airi as well..so sweet nd well disciplined unfortunately khalil didnt understand her nd de kind of woman she is.

  6. I didn’t like that Dulan lie to Tulay about not having sex with Jan. I hope she watched the show and so it. it was so clear by all the flirtrations and stuff.

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