‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Angry About Overruled ‘Wrong’ Answer

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Jeopardy! fans have been getting tired of bad gameplay lately. However, after this past week’s shows, they have another reason to complain. An answer given by defending champion Amar Kakirde was wrong, and Ken Jennings called it wrong. However, production reversed the decision during the commercial break.

Here is what fans had to say about the changing of the result to what was considered a “wrong answer.”

Fans Angry That Amar Kakirde Got Call Reversed

Amar Kakirde has been the most recent Jeopardy! champion, but one of his answers has caused controversy among the fans. This is because even Ken Jennings told him he was wrong. However, the production team reversed the decision and gave it to Amar anyway.

Why does Grant DeYoung sit when his opponents all stand? - Jeopardy!

Amar Kakirde chose the category “Date of Birth” for $400. The clue said, “Jan. 3, 2009, with the mining of the Genesis block.” The answer was “What is Bitcoin?” No one said that. Has guessed “Minecraft,” which was clearly wrong. Amar then buzzed in and said “Blockchain,” which was also wrong.

However, when the show returned from commercial, the producers said “Blockchain” was close enough to “Bitcoin.” They added $800 to his score. That pushed him into the lead. That gave Amar the correct answer, and fans were not happy.

Both Bitcoin and Blockchain were invented in 2009. However, fans said that Blockchain — in theory — was around for 20 years before that.

  • “Bitcoin and blockchain are not the same! The clue as it was written unambiguously refers to Bitcoin: the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain was mined on Jan. 3, 2009″
  • “David Chaum, who has done tons of work on digital currency, proposed a blockchain protocol in his PhD dissertation in 1982.”
  • “I think if Ken asked him to be more specific instead of outright ruling it incorrect he would’ve gotten the right answer”

This Is Similar To Another Recent Jeopardy! Problem

This controversy is similar to one that took place in a previous Jeopardy! game. While this one saw someone say the wrong answer and get credited for the right answer, there was another case of someone completely botching a name and still getting it right.


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This was Jeopardy! Masters when Yogesh Raut answered a question about Salt-N-Pepa. However, Yogesh said the answer was “Salt and Pepper,” which is not the correct pronunciation of the band name. This caused fans to remember the Alex Trebek days.

A contestant years ago said the answer to a question was “Gangsters Paradise” when the answer was “Gangsta’s Paradise.” In that case, the show reversed the decision and took the answer away from him. It seems, nowadays, the show is giving more leniency to answers.

What are your thoughts on the Bitcoin controversy on Jeopardy!? Do you think the answer should have been wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. we don’t watch Jeopardy anymore since they keep bringing the same winner back over and over and over again. Let someone else have a chance to win!!!!!!

  2. In the tournament of champions Victoria didn’t always respond with “ who is” and “ what is” and she was allowed to correct herself several times. Unfair win

  3. I, also, do not like the leniency that seems to happening more and more on Jeopardy. It appears that the strict rules are being waived for some contestants, and not others. Another thing; Ken Jennings rules too quickly. Therefore, giving the contestant no chance to correct their answers. They, clearly, would have time to do that, if Jennings wasn’t so ‘trigger happy’! Do I ever miss Alex, along with millions of others, I’m sure.

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