‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Furious Over Major Scheduling Changes

Chicago Fire - YouTube/One Chicago

Fans are livid after major scheduling changes have had them watching reruns of Chicago Fire for several weeks. Once again, another rerun aired on Wednesday after weeks of no new episodes. Viewers have expressed their anger about the recent changes on the show. So, when can fans expect new episodes of Chicago Fire? Here is everything you need to know.

No New OneChicago Shows For An Entire Month

There hasn’t been a new episode of Chicago Fire since April 3. The episode “Something About Her” aired that night. Since then, there have only been reruns on at the show’s regular time.

Chicago Fire isn’t the only NBC show being impacted this way. In fact, all of the shows under the OneChicago umbrella have been put on pause for the time being, including Chicago Med and Chicago PD.

Chicago Fire - YouTube/One Chicago
YouTube/One Chicago

There is good news for fans though. All of the OneChicago shows will return to television on May 1, nearly one month after viewers have seen a new episode.

After that, there will be all new episodes each week until the season finale at the end of May. Producers wanted to space out the episodes so that the season ended when it normally would in May.

Like many other shows, Chicago Fire and the others under the Chicago umbrella were impacted by the writers and actors strikes that happened last year. Because of this, the shows have shorter seasons than normal.

Fans Express Anger Over Chicago Fire & Other Shows

Regular viewers took to social media to express their anger about the reruns, calling the season as a whole “pathetic.”

“@OneChicagoCtr are we done with new episodes? This has been a pathetic season – one episode and a break. Maybe one or two followed by another break. I know there was a strike but there should be some attempt to keep fans invested in the series,” one fan wrote on X. “I’m over the reruns for the new season of #ChicagoPD #NBC,” another person tweeted. “Dang #ChicagoMed. Another rerun,” a third fan chimed in. “D**n I could of sworn #ChicagoFire was going to finally be new tonight,” another person exclaimed on social media.

Chicago Fire - YouTube/One Chicago
YouTube/One Chicago

Since it was announced that the OneChicago shows will be returning next week, however, fans have expressed excitement over their favorite programs. They announced the return on Instagram and fans were quick to hop in the comments.

“FINALLY!!!! I need the #OneChicago fam back it’s been too long,” one person commented. “So excited! Hope it does not drag,” another Instagram user wrote.

Fans will be able to tune in for all three OneChicago shows at 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, May 1. Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD will all be available to stream the next day on Peacock as well.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. I feel lost somehow. I have watched so many reruns that I am confused at what’s happened to who and who’s with who. I am seriously wondering if I can find out where I got to go to get updated because shows are not making sense to me.

  2. I love watching all of one Chicago shows #chicagomed #chicagofire and #chicagopd makes my evening with excitement.

  3. Totally frustrated …………going to Netflix. At least I know it’s there and can watch something new.

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