‘Chicago PD’: Jesse Lee Soffer Breaks Silence Following Exit

Jesse Lee Soffer Talks Season 7 Of Chicago PD

Chicago PD star Jesse Lee Soffer is breaking his silence following his exit. He played the role of Jay Halstead ever since the show started. Unfortunately, he said goodbye to the NBC series on Wednesday’s episode. Fans complained about the sendoff that he received.

Some are calling it the “worst possible exit” for a popular character. Others found it “rushed.” Jesse made his start on the drama Chicago Fire in 2013 as Detective Jay Halstead. The popularity of his character lead him to star in the spinoff series, Chicago PD, in 2014.

Jesse Lee Soffer [The Must Watch Show | YouTube]
[The Must Watch Show | YouTube]

Jay Halstead rushed off Chicago PD?

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Chicago PD, Jay Halstead’s storyline came to an end. In that episode, he stabbed and killed a perpetrator out of self-defense. Jesse Lee Soffer’s character had to turn in his badge and resign from his role. Fans think it’s the worst way to send off a character — especially one that was so popular and well-regarded.

Some of the fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Most of them were upset with the way Jesse’s storyline was handled. Others thought Jesse Lee Soffer’s character was disrespected. They felt that the storyline didn’t fit the character.

  • “This exit from Halstead is too rushed. And doesn’t make sense.”
  • “You can’t tell me any of that was the Jay Halstead we’ve known this whole time. Worst rushed exit ever.”
  • “So Halstead left #ChicagoPD. Although it seemed to come out of the blue, I’m confused as to why he said he will be back in 8 months if he’s not coming back.”

Jesse Lee Soffer breaks his silence

That same night, Jesse Lee Soffer broke his silence on social media. He felt that it was the right way to end Jay’s storyline, even if it was controversial. Jesse expressed his gratitude for playing the role of Jay Halstead.

“‘It was the right thing to do.’ Now that’s Jay,” Jesse Lee Soffer tweeted, quoting his character. “For anyone that’s ever been a Halstead fan, I just want you to know that I’m grateful.”

Jay’s character quickly became a fan-favorite on the show. Fans especially loved his on-screen chemistry with his wife Hailey Upton, who’s portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos. In August, Jesse confirmed that he was leaving Chicago PD. At the time, he thanked the fans for their “unwavering support during the past 10 years.”

Why is Jesse Lee Soffer leaving Chicago PD?

Fans still want to know why Jesse Lee Soffer is leaving the show. There are several rumors as to why he decided to step back from Chicago PD. Some fans say that he wants to take a break from playing the same character for over a decade. It’s likely that Jesse wants to try his hand at other roles.

Jesse Soffer As Jay Halstead [The Must Watch Show | YouTube]
[The Must Watch Show | YouTube]
Or, he might want to take a break from acting to focus on what else he wants to do with his life. Sometimes actors get burnout for playing the same character. Chicago PD and its spinoffs have had many actors leave over the years. Last year, Jesse Spencer announced his departure from Chicago Fire.

What are your thoughts on Jesse Lee Soffer leaving Chicago PD? Did you like the way that Jay Halstead’s exit was handled? Or, do you think it was disrespectful? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I don’t know why he left,was this his decision or someone else’s,but if it was his I respect it whatever reason for that is,as for how his exit was handled that one tweet made a good point “I’m confused as to why he said he will be back in 8 months if he’s not coming back”,yeh why ??? They didn’t tie all loose ends when Jay is in question,his exit was rushed and out of character but if he decided to leave they should write him out without leaving door for his return open if he doesn’t have intention to do that in my opinion it would be less confusing for fans waiting to see him in “8 months ” or waiting to see what will happen with Hailey and Jay etc.it would be much better if he left for good, ended things with Hailey or if they killed off his character.

    1. I agree they took him off too quick. but I hope he comes back. Jesse played a wonderful part of Jay Halstead. Jay Halstead is my favorite character I hope he comes back I cried so hard when he left I hope he returns but I also understand if he wants a change.

  2. I hated seeing him leave. It made since to me. After stabbing that guy over and over he seen he was becoming voight his boss. He was always honest and a true good cop. So he knew he did wrong so instead of going to jail because even though voight covered for him he didn’t like it. He thought it would be good to leave and go help that other country.

  3. I hated to see Jay leave. These actors become a part of our lives and we mourn when they leave especially when it’s someone we really care about. They were a good team and he’ll be missed.

  4. The truth about his departure will come out sooner than later. Big fan of the show, hate for him to leave, when a main character leaves a show, it sucks.

  5. A knife just went thru my heart ❤️. It seems like l lost Al all over again. How many good actors are we going to lose of this show.

  6. He was best character and he and upton just got married. Haven’t watched it since he left. Loved him for his following the law. Hope he comes back to see hailey.All staff misses him. will not watch anymore. Apparently in real life off show is nice guy. Tracy spiridakos stated

  7. Miss jay. Don’t watch chicago pd. want jay and hailey to remain.married. They were great partners and lovers. with some hope he may retun.Please Please. love u

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