Todd & Julie Chrisley Offer Sad Anniversary News

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Todd and Julie Chrisley just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. However, they clearly couldn’t celebrate it together since they are in different prisons in different states. Not only that, but the couple announced some sad news about their anniversary this year.

Here is what happened to Todd and Julie on their anniversary.

Todd & Julie Chrisley Have Bad Anniversary This Year

This year, Todd and Julie Chrisley celebrated their 28th anniversary. Not only that, but they ended up celebrating it completely alone. It turns out that, on their anniversary, Todd and Julie were not allowed to speak to each other from prison.

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Radar Online reports that the married couple have not spoken for a year. They were denied the right to make phone calls to each other. The couple was found guilty of conspiring to defraud banks and the IRS out of millions of dollars. They received a combined 15-year prison sentence.

Julie described the moment she said goodbye to Todd before they left for prison. “This would be the last time I would speak to my husband face to face,” Julie wrote in a letter to Savannah (via WSB-TV). “We talked on the phone during his ride to Pensacola, I called one last time before I self-surrendered to the camp in Lexington.”

Julie said that she misses Todd so much “that it hurts.” She said she had never been apart from him for so long.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons allows married inmates to have monitored phone calls. However, the prison wardens have to approve it. Todd went through the correct protocols. Julie’s warden allowed it. Todd’s warden denied it. According to Todd’s attorneys, it is “retaliation” for Todd and his daughter speaking out about the poor conditions at FPC Pensacola.

Fans Mock Todd & Julie Chrisley On Their Anniversary

While Todd and Julie Chrisley have the legal right to speak to each other, Todd’s warden refuses it. When this issue was brought up in a recent Reddit thread, no one was sympathetic to the Chrisley family.

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The Reddit thread had a photo of the Chrisleys and the comment “who fu**ing cares and why is this news?” The comments all started piling on.

  • “How awful criminals in prison don’t have the right to speak to each other!”
  • “They knew what they were willing to sacrifice at the time they were committing the numerous crimes.”
  • “Crimes have consequences, and they’re learning that particular lesson.”

This also comes just days after a judge stripped Todd and Julie Chrisley of a trust fund that contains nearly $30,000. This was when a judge ordered them to start paying off the restitution they owed.

What are your thoughts on Todd and Julie Chrisley not getting to speak on their anniversary? Do you think it is fair that Todd’s warden is denying them, even though he could legally allow it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. worse criminals get phone calls why not them this is not fair the wardons punishment is retaliation He should try and clean up the prison there is no reason it has to be dirty nasty food and all the rest he can get in trouble if the right plp find out and look into it if they cared but most say its prison what did they expect. well not the Ritze but at least eatable food and a clean place everyone needs that

  2. I feel Todd’s warden is being unfair. Shoot the prison probably is as bad or worse than Todd says it is. He should have allowed Todd to speak with his wife, after all they have been apart for quite some time now. That would not have hurt anybody! I know they are so called criminals; they deserve to be given a chance! If their show comes back, I’ll be watching. I love that couple!

  3. Looks like Todd and Julie are taking the slow train to HUMBLEVILLE. I hope they learn that they are “not special” and become actual human beings.

  4. I think the fact that we are talking about these two and their poor little lives just shows how society has fallen.
    who cares if they can’t speak? our taxes are paying for enough their crap. please no more !

  5. I don’t really think it’s fair to deny them from personal moment like they should at least get time to meet on certain days to be intimate I really think that is kinda wrong emotionally. some prisons let their spouses or girlfriend n boyfriend at least get that I think. I’m not sure what all prisons rules are for intimacy between inmates.theres worse crimes people have committed keeping people from kissing their husband or holding them for hour is one mayby they can meet at least for emotional part of it cus that’s unfair to me

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