Julie & Todd Chrisley Stripped Of Trust Funds By Judge

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Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley suffer financial setbacks while they sit in federal prisons and now, a judge stripped them of a trust fund that contains nearly $30K. The news came amid another financial issue as Patrick Rykwalder is suing them for money over Grayson Chrisley’s car accident.

Todd Chrisley Sold House, Won A Lawsuit, But Bad News Came

In January, the news arrived that Julie Chrisley and her husband’s big white house in Brentwood, Tennessee, was sold. They had paid $3.375M for the home and it sold for $5.2 million which made them a profit. However, It’s not clear if that money went to pay restitution or not. For a bit, things looked up for the couple who were convicted of fraud and tax-related crimes. The Chrisley Knows Best stars won a lawsuit against the State of Georgia for $1 million. But bad news arrived after that.

Julie Chrisley - Todd Chrisley Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Todd Chrisley – Chrisley Knows Best – Youtube

Todd Chrisley’s high didn’t last very long, because he was found liable to pay $755,000 to an IRS employee. Amy Doherty-Heinze filed for defamation and won after he dissed her on social media. Of course, he is appealing it. But, the Chrisley Knows Best alum recently got more bad news.

Julie Chrisley And Todd Lose Trust Fund Cash

In a new report by Action News Jax, a judge ordered the former reality TV stars “to turn over nearly $30,000 that was in a trust fund in Alabama.” The outlet explained that the money was in “an IOLTA trust account [and] IOLTA stands for Interest on Lawyer Trust Account and is used by lawyers to responsibly hold client funds.”

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Youtube

Court documents revealed that Julie and Todd Chrisley had an amount of “$29,932.23” in the account. And, the judge made them turn all of it over. The federal judge made the call after a “January Writ of Garnishment” to start paying off the imposed restitution by the former reality TV stars.

What are your thoughts about the judge ordering Julie and Todd Chrisley to turn over their trust account funds? Are you glad that the$17 million restitution judgment is getting some of their money? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.

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  1. Why are you guys so tough on them alot worse has happened to people and they didn’t get hardly any punishment what the heck let up on them you all act like they are serial killers my gosh🤮

  2. i understand that part about them having to pay the money back but my god that’s a long time in jail. I know of people that have done alot worse than that and don’t get nowhere near as much time. They act like they killed someone or done something like that. They get that they done wrong. But they are getting punished way to hard. And the way people want to talk about them and put them down they need to put their self in their shoes. Would they want to get that much time in prison and have to pay the stuff back. I agree with them paying everything back but not get that long.

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