Priscilla Ferrari Explains Why She Left ‘Vanderpump Villa’

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Vanderpump Villa is one of Lisa Vanderpump’s spinoffs that rose out of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, but Priscilla Ferrari left the Hulu show. Many people who work well with Lisa can turn their lives around like Lala Kent. So, why did the server walk away from the matriarch’s new show? Read on to find out.

Vanderpump Villa Fans Saw Lots of Drama On Hulu

From the trailer of Lisa Vanderpump’s new show, fans immediately noticed the similarities to Bravo’s Below Deck. However, instead of a vessel, the crew lives and works in a fancy French chateau owned by the Vanderpump Rules matriarch. Naturally, that led to lots of drama among the 12 people employed to look after wealthy guests. Priscilla Ferrari worked as a server alongside Hannah Fouch.

Lisa Vanderpump - Hulu
Lisa Vanderpump – Hulu

The Bravo matriarch experienced a lot of bad bad moments with the Vanderpump Villa employees. Actually, she described herself as almost having a “cardiac arrest.” Fans are used to drama from Vanderpump Rules, but the Hulu show revealed that even her manager of the chateau, Eric Funderwhite seemed insecure and jealous in his position. He clashed with Stephen, the events coordinator, and Priscilla Ferrari clashed with other members of the household. So, she departed at the beginning of Episode 7.

Why Did Priscilla Ferrari Leave The Show?

In Episode 6, when Hannah got praised by guests, fans noticed that she seemed like a mean girl to the rest of the cast. In tandem with Telly, a mixologist they seemed to say some nasty things. Where was Erich Funderwhiite? Well, he doesn’t seem to be very useful, and fans might wonder why Lisa Vanderpump bothered employing him.

Hannah accuses Priscilla of being provocative - Vanderpump Villa
Hannah accuses Priscilla of being provocative – Vanderpump Villa

Anyway, the matriarch of Vanderpump Villa pulled Priscilla Ferrari aside because she was upset and self-isolating too much. Explaining it away as homesickness was a bit of an understatement as Hannah and Telly had been horrible to her. Speaking with US Weekly, the real reason for leaving came out.

Bad Edit For The Server?

The outlet relayed Priscilla’s complaint that many hours of filming can’t show everything that happened in a single episode. So, perhaps the now departed server felt that she got a bad edit. Actually, that is quite normal for reality TV shows. Next, they cited Priscilla Ferrari as saying:

It started off with comments about my nationality, my accent, where I come from and me speaking about being from Brazil. I could hear these type of comments and a lot of times that wasn’t shown either. The edit [showed] me isolating myself. There were moments where I was eating in the cafeteria by myself because everybody was sleeping. Or I went to make a drink because nobody wanted to make a drink for me.

Hannah Fouch Vanderpump Villa - Hulu
Hannah Fouch Vanderpump Villa – Hulu

Basically, she felt very hurt because some of the cast seemed down on her culture and they let her know it. The Vanderpiump Villa alum couldn’t understand that because her home country is full of welcoming people. When she talked about “homesickness,” she meant that she missed people that she could relate to.

What are your thoughts about Priscilla Ferrari’s feeling that Hannah and Telly were mean to her about her Brazillian background? She felt that Marciano, Hannah, and Telly were very “passive-aggressive people.” Did you pick up on that? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Vanderpump Villa news. The next episode airs on Hulu on May 6 and is titled, Love, Death, and Beyond.

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