‘Vanderpump Villa’ Eric Funderwhite Accused Of Abuse

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Vanderpump Villa‘s Chateau Manager, Eric Funderwhite was accused of allegedly being violently abusive by an ex. Considering that Lisa Vanderpump said the cast nearly gave her a “cardiac arrest,” she might need to take a chill pill when she sees the new article about Eric.

Vanderpump Villa Cast Includes Eric

Vanderpump Rules star Lisa has many restaurants and numerous shows. But the Hulu show seems a bit more interesting because it almost plays out like Bravo’s Below Deck. Wealthy people arrive as guests and the cast members have to keep things perfect. The 12 members of the cast for Season 1 each hold an area of responsibility.

Vanderpump Villa Cast - Via Eric On Instagram
Vanderpump Villa Cast – Via Eric On Instagram

Vanderpump Villa features two mixologists, two events coordinators, an executive chef, a sous chef, two housekeepers, and two servers. Overseeing the chateau as the Manager, is Eric Funderwhite. Of course, like the sailing show, the Hulu show also brings romance, drama, and more from the working staff. Well, the first season only just premiered on April 1 on Hulu, and some nasty allegations already emerged about Eric.

Eric Funderwhite Allegedly Abused His Ex

The Sun reported on April 2, that an ex-girlfriend who has remained anonymous contacted the police and applied for a temporary restraining order against the now-Hulu star. As Lisa Vandeprump specifically claimed in the trailer that she “handpicked” each member of staff, the Vanderpump Rules star obviously didn’t know about the allegations.

Hulu Via Eric Funderwhite - Instagram
Hulu Via Eric Funderwhite – Instagram

The allegations against the manager in Lisa Vanderpump‘s  Vanderpump Villa dated back to 2018 according to court papers the outlet obtained. The couple were together from 2017 and they ended things in 2022. Most of the allegations occurred in Los Angeles. Too many incidents of the alleged abuse were listed to mention all of them here. However, the outlet noted the following:

On December 2019 at their home in Los Angeles, he accused her of “attacking him with a pillow” before he “started to strangle” her. When she tried getting out of the room to “escape,” he “strangled” her again for a few seconds.”When I told him that I was going to start yelling, he let me go.”

Another time, Eric Funderwhite was accused of threatening to kill her. Then, there was an incident where his ex claimed “He grabbed me by my hair and threw me on the floor. When I tried to get up he pushed me down again. He was on top of me and I was able to escape.” The outlet obtained some photos that the police took of injuries that you can see in their article. 

Increasingly Aggressive Allegations

Allegedly, the Vanderpump Villa star became increasingly “aggressive” and she claimed it started to cause her problems with her “mental health.”  She also alleged that when her “birthday” came around in 2020, Eric “spit in my face.” There were many more such incidents, but his ex claimed she didn’t go to the police because she feared Eric and because his mom “intervened.” 

Peppered with words like “kicked,” “locked in a room,” and descriptions of violent gestures, she eventually moved away to another state. Eric’s ex wrote in her statement, “I have been scared for my life. During this whole year, he has been physically, verbally, psychologically, and economically abusing me.”

What are your thoughts about the allegations against Eric Funderwhite? Do you think that he will keep his job with Bravo’s Lisa Vanderpump? Of course, as he has never been convicted of anything, it’s not easy to know what might happen. Sound off in the comments below. And, come back here for all your Vanderpump Rules, Bravo, Vanderpump Villa, and Hulu news.

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