Lea Cayanan Calls Out ‘Bachelor’ Producers For Bad Edit

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Lea Cayanan went from beloved to villain practically overnight. The reality star is calling out Bachelor producers for a bad edit. Keep reading for all the details on what exactly the reality show contestant said.

How Fake Is The Bachelor & Other Reality TV?

The Bachelor franchise and other reality shows have long come under fire from haters and fans alike for how ‘real’ they actually are. Contestants on the show are often under NDA restrictions that prevent them from spilling the tea.

However, reality stars sometimes get fed up and take the risk. Bachelor in Paradise alum Dylan Barbour once spilled some hot behind-the-scenes gossip about the ABC franchise.

Bachelor Season 28 contestant Lea Cayanan is the latest to speak out about how she was portrayed on television.

Lea Cayanan Calls Out Producers For Bad Edit

Eagle-eyed Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to share a screenshot of a comment Lea left on social media. “I need to know what Lea did to these producers to make them give her this edit,” the original social media post read.

Another viewer replied, “She threw their date steal card in the fire, that’s what.”

Lea herself appeared to agree with both producers giving her a bad edit and the reason why. “Facts,” she wrote in response to the comment.

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Do Bachelor Nation Fans Agree?

Bachelor Nation fans were divided over whether the producers gave Lea a bad edit or not. On the Reddit thread about Lea’s social media comment, some fans said that the Hawaii native knew what she was signing up for when she joined a reality show. Check out some of the other opinions about Lea’s edit:

  • Honestly this is the only way for Lea and Sydney to get camera time – by acting like vile villains. Clearly Joey didn’t have any connection with Sydney or Lea. They have no personality or charisma, are not funny or interesting to watch, so the only way they get screen time is by acting like villains.
  • I mean, I think the producers absolutely DID do her dirty by presumably egging her on behind the scenes and then highlighting her so much in the episode when I’m sure there was more going on.
  • beyond editing, producers can also manipulate and trigger contestants into saying things they normally wouldn’t. they can heighten insecure emotions and mislead or tell them lies and then show us their reaction without their provocation.
  • Is it a bad edit or did they just show the footage
  • Perhaps the voiceovers could be a bad edit but we saw her confrontation with Madina, which was absolutely wild.
  • So who is gonna replace Kat’s mean girl act on BIP? Sydney or Lea or both?? Cuz you know it’s comin.

Do you think the producers gave Lea Cayanan a bad edit to make her look like the villain? Do you think she will join Bachelor In Paradise? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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