‘Vanderpump Villa’ Eric Funderwhite Sits Out The Reunion?

The cast of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules sometimes gave Lisa Vanderpump headaches, so she personally selected the cast for Vanderpump Villa, but Eric Funderwhite upset viewers and he reportedly won’t be in the Reunion. The Hulu show was in development for some years, and fans were interested to see what played out.

Who Is Hulu’s Eric Funderwhite?

The cast of the Hulu show includes Mitchell and Telly Hall, both mixologists. The events coordinators are Stephen Alsvig and Gabriella Sanon. Anthony Bar is the top chef, while Caroline Byl is the sous chef. Priscilla Ferrari and Hannah Fouch are the servers, with Emily and Grace Cottrell as housekeepers. Above them, is Eric Funderwhite the overall manager of the luxury chateau. Unfortunately, he might not have been vetted very well.

The Chateau Manager - Hulu
Eric Funderwhite – The Chateau Manager – Hulu YouTube

Bravo star, Lisa Vanderpump is used to drama with Vanderpump Rules. And, she claimed that she ran into some nervous times with the cast of┬áVanderpump Villa. In fact, she claimed that she nearly had a “cardiac arrest.” Much like Below Deck, she contended with a cast living and working in close quarters, and wealthy guests expecting the best of everything. However, it seems that Eric Funderwhite gave her the biggest headache.

What Happened with Vanderpump Villa’s Chateau Manager?

On April 1, the show premiered but within days, reports arrived that the chateau manager had a shady past. Allegedly, an anonymous former girlfriend filed for a temporary restraining order against Eric. She claimed that he threatened her life, and was violently and emotionally abusive. Over three years, many reports were made to the police, and she finally left him with the help of friends.

Vanderpump Villa - Hulu
Vanderpump Villa – Hulu

The Sun, who broke the original report followed up their story on April 17, with the kicker that there have been repercussions for the Vanderpump Villa star. Certainly, it seems that Lisa Vanderpump was less than pleased by the allegations of abusive behavior. After Bravo fans became disgusted by Tom Sandoval on Vanderpump Rules it’s hardly surprising that Eric Funderwhite was reportedly not invited to the Hulu Reunion.

The Chateau Manager Might Be off The Show Soon

According to a source that the outlet spoke with, there may not be another season for Eric. The source claimed:

Eric was disinvited from the Vanderpump Villa reunion taping because of his [Temporary Restraining Order.] Producers were furious over the shocking news, so they banned him. If there’s a second season, he most likely won’t be returning.

The outlet noted that while Hulu fans watch the show play out weekly, the Reunion was filmed on Monday, April 15.

What are your thoughts about the probability that Eric Funderwhite won’t be invited back for a second season? Are you surprised that he allegedly didn’t film for the Reunion in Los Angeles? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Vanderpump Rules and Vanderpump Villa news.

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