‘On Patrol: Live’ Star Curtis Wilson Is Back, Gets Warm Welcome

On Patrol Live - Host Curtis Wilson

On Patrol: Live fans met Curtis Wilson when the show premiered in 2022. Recently, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department deputy was away for a bit, but he’s back and he met with a warm welcome.

Curtis Wilson Went Away

This month, several things had to be switched up on the true crime show. Dan Abrams ended up as the main host because retired Tulsa Police Department Sergeant Sean “Sticks” Larkin seldom features on the show. Captain Tom Rizzo, and Chief Will Armstrong were there, but another fan favorite was away.

[Credit: Dan Abrams/Instagram]
Sean “Sticks” Larkin & Dan Abrams On Live PD – Instagram
Curtis Wilson took a break but some people felt that he should stay away permanently. Actually, for some reason, he’d seemed disinterested or distracted. Few spoke up in his favor a few weeks ago. However, his return from a break this week saw him greeted warmly.

On Patrol: Live Fans Seem Happy To See His Return

Contrary to the condemnation previously noted, when Curtis advised true crime fans that he’d be back, fans on Reddit and Twitter seemed to be in a good mood. Actually, he’d been away for two weekends.

On Reddit, the OP who shared the Tweet by Curtis Wilson said:

Welcome back host Curtis Wilson.

OPLive Curtis Wilson - Twitter
OPLive Curtis Wilson – Twitter

In the discussion, a series of comments suggested that he remains popular with many On Patrol: Live fans. Here are some of those opinions:

  • Welcome back Deputy Wilson. Hope your time away was relaxing, and enjoying. Glad you’re back.
  • Missed you Curtis!! Glad he’ll be back this weekend!!
  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to have him back. Now bring back Sticks too!
  • On behalf of the #OPLive community I hope you had a relaxing and peaceful time with family and loved ones during your time away.
  • The show without Curtis is just not interesting to me. Glad to have him back.
  • Yay! Welcome back Curtis!! 🎉

People come and go often on the Reelz Channel show, so naturally, different faces mean lots of favorites to choose from. In March, the show lost the Fullerton Police Department. They had to hand over the torch to another department.

Like Curtis Wilson, fans feel happy when their favorite faces turn up after an absence. For example, in the early part of this year, they heard that the Hazen Police Department would return. That came after a massive hint from Chief Bradley Taylor. On another occasion, Corporal Carli Drayton went missing because she was expecting a baby. Fans were thrilled for her and wished her everything of the best.

Are you glad that Curtis Wilson is back from his break? Do you love seeing him on the true crime show show? Would it disappoint you if he left permanently? Who is your favorite person in the Reelz Channel? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your On Patrol: Live news.

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