‘On Patrol: Live’ Fans Want Change Or Show Is OVER?

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On Patrol: Live fans really want this change to the show yet if it does not come through could that mean the end for the series? There have been some viewers who do not feel that this version of the show has the same excitement as Live PD. Yet, with some minor alterations, that could all change. Keep reading for more details on what fans have suggested.

On Patrol: Live Fans Want Change Or Show Is OVER?

Things change frequently for On Patrol: Live. It was hard when Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin exited for his own series but viewers were thrilled when he popped back in. Then, guest stars will take time off for various reasons, like Corporal Carli Drayton. She went behind the scenes so that she could bring new life into the world. Once her little one was born, viewers were eager to know when she would be back on camera. Then, there are departments that will take breaks such as Hazen PD. They went on hiatus for the holidays back in November 2023 plus it was hunting season. Though they returned in February 2024, they exited again in April 2024.

Dan Abrams, Curtis Wilson, Sean 'Sticks' Larkin-YouTube
Dan Abrams, Curtis Wilson, Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin-YouTube

Now, fans feel that something else is lacking from the hit Reelz series but what exactly is it? They started a Reddit thread to share their thoughts as they have done in the past. The OP noted that a lot goes into making the series. However, they shared that the show seems to pick up as it ends. Therefore, they suggested:

  • What if there was a “Night Shift”? Bring in another group of hosts at midnight, and keep going for another hour, or two, or three. You know, like on the radio…

So, what did fellow OPL fans think of this idea?

  • At this point, unless they can change it up, I feel the show has run its course.
  • The only suggestion I have for the show itself is to stop with the guest hosts when Dan is out.
  • We see so much from the eastern time zone because of when it’s filmed. We would definitely see more interesting stuff from California if it was filmed later.

Okay As Is?

It appears that everyone has different ideas as to how to improve On Patrol: Live. Yet, others believe that it is just fine as it is. There has been chatter that maybe Curtis Wilson should exit the series despite what one Redditor said above. Some have felt that he is just disinterested as of late and appears to not care to be there. Though having a later show would be fun for those who do not want it to end, there is the added costs and it may not be feasible. Over time, though, this could be a possibility.

Would you like to see the show extend later and do you agree that it picks up more toward the end? Let us know what suggestions you have and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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  1. What is this? Opl is great. I’m happy not watching Sean Larkin. I like that they get guest every week. There are many retired cops available to sit in the seat, and I know plenty of them. This article isn’t worth the wasted space it uses. If your so called fans want Larkin, that’s to bad. If the show goes then they will whine about that!!

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