‘On Patrol: Live’ Fans Question Where Hazen PD Went

Curtis Wilson, Chief Bradley Taylor, Dan Abrams-Facebook

On Patrol: Live fans are questioning where the Hazen Police Department is as they miss them and Chief Bradley Taylor. They returned from holiday break and were on for just a few months before they seemingly disappeared again. So, what happened? Keep reading for more details and when they will return.

On Patrol: Live Fans Question Where Hazen PD Went

Hazen Police Department is among a fan favorite for On Patrol: Live fans. They love it when they are on and, along with that, they adore Chief Bradley Taylor. Over the holidays in late 2023, Hazen put out a message that they were taking a break. It was so they could spend time with their families plus it was hunting season. Therefore, they all wanted to enjoy that but reassured fans they would be back. That happened in early February 2024 but by April 2024, they were gone again.

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook
Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

Viewers have been so frustrated that Hazen and Chief Taylor are gone that they started a Reddit thread to find out where they went.

  • Where has Hazen been? It is by far the best and most entertaining location. Everyone loves Chief Taylor!! Where did they go? We miss them!

Now, back on April 8th, Chief Taylor made a video explaining that they would be gone for a short period of time. He had gotten a lot of messages asking where they had been and wanted to take the time to explain why they were absent. Taylor shared they are a very small department so making time to film is hard. Plus, they have families and baseball season had started. Therefore, they wanted to be available to attend games plus hunt some more.

So, did other On Patrol: Live followers know this?

  • Chief said Turkey hunting and lot of kids are playing spring sports. Be back after Memorial day.
  • Turkey hunting season. Said they’d be back in May.
  • I was wondering the same thing. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen them.

It seemed most people were in the know and more importantly, they appreciated how Chief Taylor gave frequent updates.

Back In May

On Patrol: Live fans just have a short period of time to wait for the Hazen Police Department to return. Per Chief Bradley Taylor, they will be back after Memorial Day so that could be as soon as May 31st. Of course, that is not soon enough for those who really love what Hazen brings to the show. Fans have left messages on Chief Taylor’s Facebook page, telling him how much they love and miss him:

  • Miss you Chief Chief Bradley Taylor! Hope you guys come back soon! On Patrol Live just isn’t the same!!
  • The turkeys said we’re done now get back on OPL. We miss yall let’s goooo!!

It’s clear that they are fan favorites and for good reason. Did you have any idea why Hazen was on break? More so, are you ready for them to come back ASAP? Let us know and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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