‘On Patrol: Live’ When Is Hazen Coming Back?

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

When is the Hazen Police Department returning to On Patrol: Live? They had been gone for some time back in the winter and that was very hard for fans. Then, they made their grand return only to exit again. So, how long will they be away this time? Keep reading for more details.

On Patrol: Live When Is Hazen Coming Back?

The Hazen Police Department took a leave of absence from On Patrol: Live back in winter around the holiday time. They said they wanted to be with their families which was completely understandable. More so, it was hunting season and that was something they thoroughly enjoyed. Therefore, they promised they would be back when it was the right time. That time came in early February 2024 and fans were elated. They could not wait to see Chief Bradley Taylor back in action but now, they have taken another break.

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook
Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

This was shared on his Facebook page. He was out enjoying the eclipse and noted how everyone had been asking where Hazen had been. Chief Taylor explained that they are a six-man department so oftentimes, a break is needed. Furthermore, it is turkey hunting season and they have families that are so important so they want to be with them. Especially since it is ball season and they want to be at the weekend games but he promised that they will be back after Memorial Day.

Fans immediately took to Reddit after learning this to discuss the absence of Hazen on the show. Were they upset that they had only been back for two months before they took another break or were they understanding? More so, did this sway them from watching On Patrol: Live?

  • Take a short break and come back great
  • A short break anyways. May isn’t that far away now. I can understand how the show would be a burden on such a small department. I’d imagine on the weekends it’s basically all hands on deck for the whole department.
  • I’m so glad they are prioritizing their family and personal life. But man I’m going to miss them!

Respect For The Chief

Many On Patrol: Live fans had the utmost respect for Chief Bradley Taylor. They thought it was so great that he came on and made a video about why they were taking time off. Plus, it was great that he and this small crew cared enough about their followers to interact. They also appreciate how much Hazen loves their families and wants to be there for them. In less than two months, they will be back and better than ever.

Will you miss Hazen and are you bummed they are going to be gone? Let us know your thoughts and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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  1. I will miss Hazen PD. I love watching them. I also understand and respect the fact they would like to spend more time with their families. The job is so demanding so putting in extra time with Live PD isn’t always possible. Love you guys! Stay safe!

  2. While I LOVE OPL, I am watching other shows most weekends till they come back. I spent years in Law Enforcement and live in Arkansas. I wish there were more agencies that do community policing 🖤💙🖤

  3. Hazen is my favorite department! I look forward to seeing them every weekend. Although I am bummed that it’s break time again, I commend them for spending as much time with their families as they can! Kudos to you all, enjoy your time off, and we’ll see you in a couple months hopefully 🤞🏼 ❤️💙🖤. Be safe out there.

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