‘GMA’ Rob Marciano & Ginger Zee Feuded For Years?

Rob Marciano is no longer a meteorologist for Good Morning America and allegedly, he and Ginger Zee feuded for years. However, viewers of GMA’s weather didn’t know it because it was kept under wraps. He’s been down on his luck recently, and he ended up banned from the studio for alleged inappropriate behavior.

Rob Marciano Lost His Job & His Wife

The GMA weather reporter went through a divorce, and he seemed unable to leave his anger issues at home. Insiders claimed that he made a female colleague feel uncomfortable and that he was increasingly grumpy. After a bit, he only reported on the weather outside of the studio, but his run came to an end and he ended up fired.

Rob Marciano Good Morning America
Rob Marciano Good Morning America

Rob Marciano lost his wife, his home, and the chance to see his kids each day. So, it’s understandable that he went through a difficult time. However, he seems to have taken his personal problems to work, which is often a mistake. Now, fresh allegations arrive that perhaps Ginder Zee had something to do with the Good Morning America meteorologist’s attitude.

Ginger Zee Feuded With Rob At Good Morning America?

According to The New York Post, Rob clashed with Ginger Zee. The outlet described it as “a bitter feud that was kept tightly under wraps for years at the network.” Allegedly, they didn’t get along from the get-go. Recall, she moved to replace Sam Champion, and Rob arrived to take over the weekend GMA weather desk.

Ginger Zee Good Morning America - YouTube
Ginger Zee Good Morning America – YouTube

The outlet cited sources who spoke about the clashes between Ginger Zee and Rob Marciano. One source claimed:

I think she brought out the worst in him. I’m not giving him a pass. It’s sad because they are two people who are really into the science of the weather. Unfortunately their personalities didn’t work. She treated him as a beta and she was the alpha. But, they were much more peers in terms of experience, more than Ginger was with Sam.

Actually, the source seems quite high up as the outlet referred to them as a “media executive.” Was Ginger Zee that nasty to Rob Marciano? Well, checking with another source, someone claimed that the daily GMA weather reporter is “a collaborative, inclusive, and hard-working leader who is well respected by her colleagues”. Additionally, they claimed that nobody else complained about her.

It’s not clear exactly why Rob lost his job, and it might not have been related to anything that Ginger Zee did or said.

What are your thoughts about the allegations that Rob Marciano feuded with Ginger Zee because she was allegedly bossy and horrible to him from the get-go? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Good Morning America and other talk show news.

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