Lisa Vanderpump Disses PUMP Restaurant’s Landlord

Lisa Vanderpump at the Reunion Bravo - YouTube

Lisa Vanderpump became a restauranteur years before she started with Vandeprump Rules, but PUMP Restaurant closed down. Recently, the Bravo matriarch dissed claims made by the former landlord. Read on to find out more.

Pump Restaurant Closed Down – Why?

During some protests in 2020, Lisa Vanderpump got her cast members to help board up her PUMP and SUR Restaurants in Los Angeles. She was scared for her property when some vandals started looting and damaging businesses. However, she didn’t close the restaurants down for good at the time.

PUMP Restaurant's last day open - Cheesy Chesbros - YouTube
PUMP Restaurant’s last day open – Cheesy Chesbros – YouTube

In 2021, Vanderpump Rules fans heard that Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump might never re-open PUMP. At the time, she and Ken Todd faced legal issues with the California Franchise Tax Board. However, they eventually closed the place for good over lease issues, and now she’s talking about why they did that.

Vanderpump Rules Matriarch Disses Landlord

On the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion this week, Andy Cohen spoke with Lisa about closing PUMP. According to her:

…for a restaurant to be in existence for 10 years…is a successful restaurant. But we just felt it was time to call it. We couldn’t make a profit there with the rent increase.

Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL - YouTube
Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL – YouTube

However, there was more to it, and BravoTV’s Daily Dish explained more about what Lisa Vanderpump said in the Peacock “extended and uncensored version.” The outlet cited Andy Cohen as telling her that the landlord claimed he “hadn’t raised the rent.” So he called her out on it.

Andy Cohen Vanderpump Rules Reunion - Bravo - YouTube
Andy Cohen Vanderpump Rules Reunion – Bravo – YouTube

Not worried about that claim, she simply dissed it, saying:

Well then, we’ll go back…That’s not true.

Plenty Of Other Restaurants For Lisa Vanderpump

While Lisa’s frenemy, Kyle Richards might wish that the Vanderpump  Rules star closed down all her restaurants, she’s doing well. Her Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas is still popular. Plus,she still has SUR, Tom Tom, and Vanderpump à Paris. In April she and Ken Todd opened a new restaurant called Wolf in Lake Tahoe.

While some Bravo fans suspect that the couple might consider retiring soon, those rumors ended up debunked when they announced that they will open another restaurant in 2024. It is Pinky’s by Vanderpump in the Flamingo Hotel.

What are your thoughts about the landlord of the former PUMP restaurant claiming that he never “raised the rent?” Do you believe Lisa Vanderpump who dissed it as untrue? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Vanderpump Rules news.

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